WRITHING SHADOWS – US death metallers to release vinyl edition of acclaimed debut album


Birmingham, Alabama, death metal act WRITHING SHADOWS is pleased to announce the upcoming rerelease in vinyl format of their acclaimed self-titled debut album. “Writhing Shadows” is due out on LP on June 30th 2023 via Dawnbreed Records (Europe) and Gurgling Gore (North America).

The album was originally released in CD and tape format last year. This brand new LP edition will be available in a limited pressing of 300 on “ashen white” / 200 black.

After you’ve established yourself in the underground after a demo, 2 EPs and a split EP, what’s the next step you take? It’s simple – bring together what has to be considered an unmistakable gem of what death metal can be.

Even in its smallest moments, the first full-length from WRITHING SHADOWS is anything but a light-weight contender in the sprawling underground. Absolutely overflowing with riffs and chugs that would blow the skin off the bones of even the most adept masters of the sound, the eight tracks of this eponymous creation is what death metal fans are always craving for. Ravenous, light-devouring, and utterly relentless in every way; WRITHING SHADOWS‘s first full-length offensive is everything it can and should be.


1. Warplust Contortions
2. Valkyrie of Blood
3. Void Cursed
4. Carcass of a Godbeast
5. Born of Dying Stars
6. Hunted by the Light
7. Devourment of God’s People
8. Empire of Rot

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