GANGS OF OLD LADIES Release New EP “Death Magic Volume One”


Australian extreme metal band, GANGS OF OLD LADIES, announces their return with a fresh EP, “DEATH MAGIC VOLUME ONE“. A triptych of extreme metal brilliance, the album spans a spectrum from the eccentric to the brutal, and gracefully transitions into the sublime.

This new release marks a new era for the band, after a period of turbulence and loss. Last year, the band mourned the passing of their renowned guitarist, David Andersson (Soilwork/NFO). However, the addition of Lunar Black (providing a mix of operatic and extreme vocals) and Zoskia Zeraphis (contributing choir elements) before David’s passing, helped the group rally in the face of adversity.

Transitioning from their past sound, the newly grown outfit has evolved into a more symphonic and extreme version of themselves, standing strong as one of Australia’s most distinctive extreme acts.

DEATH MAGIC VOLUME ONE” begins with the haunting and mysterious “Avresa Fran Stockholm”, one of the last pieces of music created by David before his passing. Serving as both a memorial and a rebirth, the track showcases the expanded skills of main guitarist and songwriter, Simon Unknowne, with his orchestration enriching the piece with depth and atmosphere. The intro features a Swedish farewell voiced by David’s sister, Emma Andersson, and a video captured by his close friend, Morgan Schrantz.

Track two, “Possessed“, showcases the band’s evolution, with its captivating chugs, full symphonic orchestration, and the fresh combination of clean and extreme vocals, adding a sense of epicness that is central to the band’s matured sound. This track also boasts a secret cameo – listen closely!

Last but definitely not least, “Inner Demons” completes the musical journey. As captivating as a sledgehammer adorned in corpse paint, the track starts off with a spoken intro by the legendary Gary Holt of Slayer/Exodus.

While all the tracks will be available across all standard digital platforms, “DEATH MAGIC VOLUME ONE” can be purchased as a 3P exclusively from Bandcamp.

Discover the new music video for “POSSESSED” here:

Enjoy the new clip for “Avresa Fran Stockholm” here:

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