THE SILENCE BETWEEN US – “Stilla” is officially out

The deathcore band has always found in their own personal artistic identity their trademark since 2014. This is noticeable in Miasmatic Dream (EP, 2015), Rottenness (single, 2016) and particularly in Nails (EP, 2019), well-received by the critics even abroad.

Your Absence, their latest single released in January 2023, showed a further evolution of their sound and technical identity and depopulated also and above all in the US. 

Their communicative power gave them the possibility to share the stage with many of the most influential band in modern metal (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Fit For An Autopsy, Aversions Crown, Within Destruction, Black Tongue, Oceans Ate Alaska, Loathe, Our Hollow Our Home, Hour of Penance). 

Some words about “Stilla”:

Imagine being enveloped in a blanket of humidity permeating every fiber of your body. Imagine it condensing and pouring on you. Clothes are wet, water comes up to your feet and, without even realizing it, you find yourself immersed and submerged by a river in spate, driven by the currents, without the possibility to cling to anything. This is the way Stilla talks about depression, challenging the stigma of mental illness again, after the previous single Your Absence. The song is meant to highlight the extent of mental disease and its impact in the daily lives of so many people. 

Long blast beats, low tunes, heavy sections are balanced by a complex harmonic and melodic structure articulating through orchestral parts and clean singing. The game of contrasts has always been the stand-out element of this band, but the point is the way they develop this dualism: ever new ways and always serving a strong message. 

The video, a small work of art with strong Twin Peaks inspirations, is on The Silence Between Us YouTube channel. 

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THE SILENCE BETWEEN US – “Your Absence” is officially out


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