Groove deathcore band BURIED SHALLOW launch single PAINT WITH PAIN

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PAINT WITH PAIN’ is the new single from the groove laced deathcore band BURIED SHALLOW. ‘PAINT WITH PAIN’ pairs the brutal and aggressive side of deathcore with a healthy dose of groove, both elements born from a riff based song structure.  The results speak for themselves through a performance that is dense, modern, and uncompromising in its punishing approach. 

BURIED SHALLOW, based in Australia, formed from the ashes of various other projects.  As these ventures ended, the five-piece each brought with them a range of influences, creating a sound that is both heavy with its dynamics and stalwart in its starkness. 

PAINT WITH PAIN’ continues the band’s trend of acting as a towering behemoth while supplying a fresh sound to the deathcore genre by offering punishing rhythms, guttural growls, and searing guitar riffs. 

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