COMANIAC unveils new single “Eye to eye” ahead of their fourth album “None for all”


Contemporary thrash metal virtuosos COMANIAC are back in full force, releasing their powerhouse single “EYE TO EYE” as a tantalising precursor to their fourth studio album, “NONE FOR ALL“.

Emanating an aura of futuristic thrash metal dynamism, “EYE TO EYE” marries relentless riffs, a potent chorus, and cutting-edge sound effects. The song is a forceful exploration of artificial intelligence and its implications for the future of our world. COMANIAC‘s lead vocalist, Schmirgel, uses his raw, screaming vocals to ponder the profound impacts of AI today and tomorrow.

Don’t miss the gripping video clip for “EYE TO EYE“, a premiering tour de force of AI technology:

On the horizon is COMANIAC’s fourth studio album, “NONE FOR ALL”, scheduled for release on October 13th, 2023. The album is a captivating blend of technical thrash metal and thought-provoking lyrical content, focused on societal indifference and empathy. “NONE FOR ALL” consists of nine tracks that oscillate between structure and chaos, hope and resignation, prompting individual, social, and political reflection.

Following three studio albums and numerous tours across Europe and Japan, COMANIAC are set to hit new heights with their unique technical approach to contemporary thrash metal. “NONE FOR ALL” strikes a perfect balance between intricate song structures and compelling hooks, with Schmirgel’s unfaltering vocal performance vividly bringing the profound lyrics to life.

The forthcoming album “NONE FOR ALL” will be released on METALWORLD and available on vinyl, CD, tape and digital formats. To get a head start on experiencing COMANIAC’s latest sonic journey, pre-order “NONE FOR ALL” now or pre-save the album on Spotify and Deezer:

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