Streaming Now! Get Your Popcorn Ready For ROCKIN’ ENGINE’s Horror Themed Offering “Altered By Evil”

L-R – Ste Vy Leff (Lead Guitar), Steve O Leff (Vocals, Guitar), Joel Bilodeau (Drums), Jean-Pierre Proulx (Bass).
Photo Credits: Lisa Thompson of Dark Moon Productions

A punch in the face is coming right at ya’ in the form of Rockin’ Engine’s “Altered By Evil”. This will be their third studio offering and fans will notice huge musical growth, it is more technical, and more refined, but punchy and heavy as Hell! After the release of 2020’s “The Wretched And The Damned” the band knew exactly what direction they wanted to go in and buckle up, because they are taking listeners on a rock n’ roll road trip. “Altered By Evil” is creepy and dark, and full of horror, and also creative, fun and theatrical, and the band is sure fans will eat it up, they continue to share their thoughts:

““Altered By Evil” is a tribute to everything we love about horror movies and serial killer documentaries. There’s a fascination behind the love of the macabre and the grotesque that we wanted to explore with our lyrics and expose different nuances of some classic works of art. With this record, we’re bringing the audience into a fantasy world of monsters and evil spirits, with a dash of historical elements that makes the listening experience even more interesting.”

The band members cite the great relationship they have with each other as being key to producing this deadly album despite having several obstacles to overcome during its creation. This EP is a true reflection of their evolution, not only as musicians but also spiritually. They add that bringing their love for horror to life and living their cinematic fantasies is the greatest gift they could have.

Like a tsunami making its way to the shore, Rockin’ Engine is gaining momentum with each new release. They started soft a few years back, but are getting heavier and stronger as they evolve together. Their music gets heavier and darker each day and this EP’s producer Joe Lyko at Dark Moon Productions captures their essence expertly.

Put your pedal to the floor and run the motor high with “Altered By Evil”, which is highly recommended for fans of Megadeth, Slayer, and Lamb Of God.

Listen to “Altered By Evil” in full before its release on July 7th via its stream premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

EP pre-order –

Music Video – “Monsters Under Your Bed”

Lyric Video – “Room 185” ft. guest vocals from Stef Jomphe (Insurrection) –

ROCKIN’ ENGINE_cover230615

Track Listing:
1. Carnival Of Evil – 5:45
2. Day Of Wrath – 4:22
3. Liber Ex-Mortis – 4:59
4. Monsters Under Your Bed – 5:11
5. Psycho Path – 5:23
6. Room 185 – 4:13 ft. guest vocals Steph Jomphe (Insurrection)
EP Length: 29:55

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