IN MALICE’S WAKE – Release Slayer Cover ‘Silent Scream’

Australian Thrash/Death Metal titans In Malice’s Wake begin recording their 5th full-length album this coming November.  The follow up to 2020’s “The Blindness of Faith” is as of yet untitled but is a savage collection of tracks that continue to masterfully blend darkness, ferocity and atmosphere.  
While recording demo tracks in preparation for this release, the band have produced a modern take on the Slayer classic “Silent Scream”.  The cover was intended to remain faithful to the spirit of the original, while melding it with the signature In Malice’s Wake sound. As the mighty Slayer have been a long standing influence on the band over the years, it felt like a fitting track to pay tribute to.  Check it out here:
Notably, this cover is the first full production and mixing project by guitarist/vocalist Shaun Farrugia, who captured the takes in the band’s rehearsal space, where the entirety of the last 2 albums have been written.  
Updates on the album’s progress to follow, stay tuned!

Shaun Farrugia – Vocals/Guitars
Leigh Bartley – Lead Guitars
Karl Watterson – Bass
Mark Farrugia – Drums

In Malice’s Wake have established themselves as the dominant thrash/death metal force for well over a decade in Australia.  Each full-length release has pushed further into darker and heavier territory. The combined trademark riffing style, intense speed, blasts/tremolo picking, and haunting melodies are integral to the recognisable sound of In Malice’s Wake. More importantly, it is the memorable songwriting and originality that the band has become truly renowned for. Each track speaks its own story and stays with the listener long after the album has ceased to play.  In the current intensely populated marketplace – great songs is the only currency of value.

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