CARTHUS – Release New Single ‘Method In The Madness’ From Debut Album “Images of Tyranny”


‘Method In The Madness’: A brutal and melodic imagining from Carthus’ new upcoming debut album ‘Images Of Tyranny’.

Prepare yourselves for an epic journey through the realms of darkness as Carthus explores human insanity with their latest release ‘Method In The Madness’, this time released as a lyric video. Combining raw aggression, catchy melodies, and bone-crushing riffs, this melodic death metal opus is definitely one crafted for the live stage. Get ready to bang your heads!

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With their signature blend of brutal intensity and haunting melodies, ‘Method in the Madness’ pushes the band’s boundaries, taking them deeper into the brutal elements of death metal. The song serves as a testament to the band’s evolution and musical prowess, showcasing their ability to seamlessly weave together emotionally driven riffs and hard-hitting brutality.

The lyrical themes explored in ‘Method In The Madness delve deep into the darkest corners of the human psyche. Addressing topics such as existential despair and the futility of existence, the band invites listeners to confront their inner demons and embrace the raw emotion that defines the human experience. From the thunderous intro to the intense and complex closing riffs, ‘Method In The Madness’ takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride through haunted and depraved workings inside a long-lost mind.

The creation of ‘Method In The Madness’ is “…a straight walk through a complex place”, as mentioned in the lyrics, says Abhi, the band’s Vocalist. “We fought for hours about every note and every word, channeling very specific emotions for this unrelenting onslaught of melody and aggression.”

“Along with this latest single, we are excited for our album ‘Images of Tyranny’ released worldwide on the 21st of July 2023, which will be available on all major streaming platforms and for purchase on Carthus’ official Bandcamp. This album represents a new chapter for the band, both musically and personally, and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it!”  – Jack, the band’s drummer.

Band Bio
Emerging from the depths of forsaken catacombs, Carthus comprises a dynamic quintet from distant reaches of the globe. Baptised by the hell fires of the Serbian Shredder Marko on lead guitar. With a one-way ticket out from the deep south, mercilessly hard-hitting Jimmy on rhythm guitar. Fresh from his barrage through India comes Abhi on vocals. Slapping skins back from the seventh sea is Jack on drums. And like an earthquake under the ocean rises Sam on bass guitar.   

Abhi – Vocals
Marko – Guitars 
Jimmy – Guitars 
Sam – Bass
Jack – Drums



1. Fed to the Lions 
2. Vindictive Retribution 
3. Blood Crown 
4. Method in the Madness 
5. Warborne 
6. Nightmare 
7. Swamp Monster 
8. Blind Supremacy 
9. Ripples in Time

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