DEATH DEALER UNION, Featuring Elena Cataraga (a.k.a. Lena Scissorhands), Announces Debut Album, “Initiation”

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Get initiated into the DEATH DEALER UNION!
Find the power within you!

Emerging US west coast-based metal unit DEATH DEALER UNION – featuring Elena Cataraga (a.k.a. Lena Scissorhands of modern metal leaders INFECTED RAIN) – are thrilled to finally announce the upcoming release of their debut album, entitled Initiation, out September 22, 2023 via Napalm Records!
The album is available to pre-order beginning today, alongside the premiere of their brand new single, charging metal banger “The Vow of Silence”. The track follows the band’s searing debut standalone collaboration tracks/videos, “Borderlines” and “Beneath The Surface”, which have since garnered nearly a million views on YouTube alone! Featuring aggressive verses and a catchy chorus, “The Vow of Silence” is accompanied by a stunning music video full of energetic performance footage and breathtaking visuals.
“‘The Vow of Silence’ is an upbeat song, blending heavy/melodic harmonies with both aggressive and clean vocals. The video was shot in a historic castle in Los Angeles, CA dating back to the 1800s, and perfectly fits the image of the band and the vibration of the song.
Join us in this mystical moment, now immortalized in a music video!
We present to you: ‘The Vow of Silence’.
We hope you enjoy!
More to come very soon!”

In 2019, metal musicians CC McKenna (drums) and Doug Weiand (lead guitars) set forth on a dark musical path – aligning diverse metal influences with otherworldly channelings of alchemy, the occult and all things esoteric. Little did they know, the final ingredient of their impending amalgamation was on the horizon, set to emerge as DEATH DEALER UNION.
After meeting acclaimed frontwoman Elena Cataraga, a musical pact was instantly formed – propelling the band into the studio with producer Valentin Voluta (also recognized for his work with Infected Rain). Now, with two new members – Hunter Havok (rhythm and lead guitars) and Jonny Heinz (bass) – in tow, the band is set to unleash their very first sacrificial offering to the masses, Initiation. The album brings forth the huge sound and exciting visuals fans experienced with the band’s debut offerings, plus an entire new trove of musical and lyrical elements. While no track is the replicant of another, they all weave a common thread of compelling essence that will have listeners clamoring to heed the word of DEATH DEALER UNION.

Pre-Order Initiation HERE:

Initiation kicks off with its instrumental title track, droning deeply into electronic flourishes and spine-tingling organs. The track flows into first album single “The Vow of Silence” – a fast-paced burner featuring aggressive verses and a catchy chorus that fully showcases the album’s immense production, once again helmed by Valentin Voluta. “ILL FATED” juxtaposes 80s-influenced clean guitars and sinister metallic riffs as Elena Cataraga displays her dynamic trademark vocal delivery and introspective wordplay, while later, “The Integument” – which features a sizzling music video accented by heavy metal dance troupe Cherry Bombs – turns the pace all the way up with traditional power metal flavor before transforming into a ghostly, hypnotizing soundscape. Tracks such as “Ekphrasis” and “Mythos” – the latter boasting one of the album’s most heart-stopping guitar solos – are rife with chunky 90s heavy metal and even nu-metal-inspired riffage. “The Big Blue”, “Back To Me”“The Downfall” and “Anew” dance with metal styles ranging from symphonic power to progressive, showcasing the band’s diverse macrocosm of musical skill, before potent, heavy ballad “Love Me When I’m Ugly” provides heartfelt lyrics and melodies. Initiation ends with “Beyond Heaven”, an opus of expansive harmonies and eerie embellishments, closing the album with its most theatrical cut.
Not only does Initiation offer fans the chance to witness Elena Cataraga’s alter ego on raw display, it introduces the band as an intriguing force to be reckoned with. Find your own power within DEATH DEALER UNION – your Initiation is only the beginning!
Initiation track listing:
1. Initiation
2. The Vow of Silence
4. Ekphrasis
5. The Integument
6. Mythos
7. The Big Blue
8. Back To Me
9. The Downfall
10. Love Me When I’m Ugly
11. Anew
12. Beyond Heaven
Initiation will be available in the following formats:
-1CD Digipak
-2LP Gatefold Purple – available only via Napalm Records Mail Order and DEATH DEALER UNION, limited to 300
-Digital Album

Elena Cataraga – Vocals
CC McKenna – Percussion
Doug Weiand – Lead Guitars
Hunter Havok – Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Jonny Heinz – Bass

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