TEMOR Unleashes ‘My Sorrow’s Rage’, the Darkly Melodic Foretaste of Their Debut Album


Greek metal scene stalwarts TEMOR are unleashing their unyielding creativity once again, hitting the airwaves with their incendiary new single, “My Sorrow’s Rage”. Forming a quartet of passionate and skilled musicians, the band is back in force, ready to make their mark on the Melodic Black/Death Metal stage.

Guitarist Theo, alongside Thyragon on vocals, Konstantinos on halldorophone, and Giorgos on bass, shares insights into the band’s streamlined creative process. “Theo writes all the guitars and musical parts and concepts. Then it’s time for Thyragon to do his magic with lyrics and vocals, and for the final touches, Konstantinos adds the halldorophone parts,” he explains. Their influences span a diverse range of bands, all sharing a common thread: they create the music they love, inspired by the music they want to hear.

Each track from TEMOR carries its own unique theme and meaning, contributing to a larger overarching concept that will be unveiled with their full release. “Every song has its own theme and meaning. You will see the full concept with the full release. It’s too early to reveal details,” says Theo, maintaining an aura of intrigue surrounding the upcoming debut album.

For TEMOR, this debut release represents an important milestone, a culmination of their evolution as artists. “We have experience in discography and as artists, so we see some things really simply. We are trying to write good music, good riffs, and do what we feel is best for the band. We can’t wait for the feedback,” Theo says, reflecting their excitement and anticipation.

The band hopes for their fans to feel a deep connection with “My Sorrow’s Rage”. “We hope to support all this and feel the connection with us! It’s a good thing to support all these new bands because, this way, we keep our music alive,” Theo adds, acknowledging the integral role of fans in fostering the vibrancy of the music scene.


Mixed and mastered by Psychon of Septic Flesh fame at Sound Abuse Productions, “My Sorrow’s Rage” promises a tantalising glimpse into TEMOR’s forthcoming full-length album. Be sure to immerse yourself in the darkly melodic universe of TEMOR’s “My Sorrow’s Rage”, streaming now on all major platforms. And stay tuned for more updates on their eagerly awaited debut album, a testament to TEMOR’s sonic ingenuity and indomitable spirit.


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