CVINGER to release 3rd album this August


Slovenian black metal band CVINGER finally return to release their long awaited album “Doctrines by the Figures of Crnobog“. An atmospheric black metal record rooted in Slavic occultism and mysticism. A truly magnificent record fueled by passion for the extreme!

Band commentary about the release: “Our concept represents the last step on the journey of departing from, fear, hate, love, humanity, conscience and all the emotions that misguide us with subjectivity and temptations witch are our worst enemy and a gateway to self destruction. The dissection of our weak body, for our soul to become free of the human curse and to become the supreme being, to become God. Combined in interpreted in slavic ancient paganism. WE ARE NOT PAGAN BLACK METAL, we craft Occult Slavic Black Metal!”.

The tracklist is as follows:
01 Meditations at the World’s Demise
02 Fury Born out of Bones and Fire
03 Blood Catharsis and the Mantra of Depravity
04 The Winter Night of the Funeral Pyres
05 Slava
06 Totemis
07 Cosmic Realm
08 Doctrines by the Figures of Crnobog
09 Chants and Canticle

The album will premiere on August 25, 2023!
You can order it here:

Be sure to follow the the band’s social profiles to get more info about CVINGER:

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