LORD OF SHADOWS, featuring Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride, release their new album, Echoes Of Yore


Lyricist, visionary and band leader, Shadows, has assembled around him a collective of rare musical talent and together they march under the banner of Lord Of Shadows. Their first EP, Extremum Vitae Spiritum Edere, was a fine introduction to the world of Lord Of Shadows – in all its grand, gothic drama – but now Shadows, multi-instrumentalist, song writer and producer Mike Lamb (Sojourner etc) and vocalists Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride), Heike Langhans (Remina, ex-Draconian) and Emilio Crespo (Sojourner) are ready to unveil their full length debut album. Echoes Of Yore is a realisation of all that Extremum Vitae… promised, a journey deeper into the twilight kingdom of Lord Of Shadows and a towering, majestic addition to the canon of Gothic Doom.

Echoes Of Yore stands as an enthralling homage to the emotive, atmospheric, passionate music of Gothic Doom and the footsteps of Aaron Stainthorpe’s My Dying Bride can be seen clearly, wending their way through the dew dappled cemetery grass of these songs. Yet the album is also a unique experience in its own right, a sonic kingdom of crypts, cathedrals and moonlight that is utterly absorbing. The varied and vivid vocal performances are hypnotic as they unravel Shadows’ tragic tales and the guitar melodies that thread their way through the colossal riffs add a layer of magic in dusk coloured hues. As Shadows succinctly expresses, “Echoes of Yore builds its own universe of tragedy and doom”. Within the purple half-light of that doomed universe, magnificent songs like ‘Faith Of The Beloved’ and ‘At The End Of Our Eclipse’ shine like watch fires in the night; blazing testaments to the power and potency of what Lord Of Shadows have created.With the combined strength of Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions to support them, Lord Of Shadows are ready to open the gates and reveal their dark mysteries and intoxicating secrets. When the whispered enchantments of Echoes Of Yore fill the air on September 1st, like harbingers of autumn mist, turn and follow where they lead. Beneath the crimson artwork, created by Heike Langhans, lies a territory of fevered dreams and blighted, all consuming love; of fickle fate, dark despair and a drowning pool of tears.

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