UK Thrashers CHUPACABRA Release Fortified With Ashes EP!


Relentlessly pummeling and delivering old-school thrash vibes with modern production values, UK Thrashers CHUPACABRA have released debut EP, Fortified with Ashes. Stream/purchase at the links below.

“If you think Slayer quit too soon and love that early, gnarly Thrash sound with sick vocals, this band is for you!”

– Ghost Cult

“This is an exceptional debut. Quality, interesting Thrash.”

– New Noise Magazine

“One hell of a slab of old-school thrash.”

– The Metal Crypt

“It’s thrash and thrash that hits hard. Chupacabra make their debut in loud and head-banging fashion!”

– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“A breakneck Speed Thrash affair, it’s a headbanger’s delight that leaves us like Oliver Twist, asking for more…”

– Metal Noise

“A high-energy homage to the big names in the genre, but with a unique, authentic twist. A strong debut.”

– Amplified Magazine

 “CHUPACABRA are thrash loving beasts and the driving riffs and song structures provide the basis for a very solid EP that is likely to bring the Brits much more attention in months to come.”

– Female Fronted Power

“Fortified With Ashes is a volatile way for Chupacabra to make their entrance into the world of thrash metal.”

– Heavy Music Headquarters

“The riffs and vocals tick all the boxes for a thrash/death experience and it’s hard to pick a favourite from the 13 minutes of this aggressive melodious malevolent, maleficent metal mash-up.”

– Musipedia of Metal

And that’s not all! CHUPACABRA is providing all the music for the new audiobook edition of DX Ferris’ best-selling SLAYER biography, Slayer 66 & 2/3: A Metal Band Biography, Postmortem Remastered Edition, as well as the accompanying podcastTalkin’ Slayer: A Metal Podcast and Half-@ssed Audiobook.

CHUPACABRA is the new project from three battle-scarred members of Bristol’s flourishing metal scene. Nige Savage (all instruments except lead guitar) and Heather Taylor (vocals) are former members of well-known local band Wytch; Heather was also the lead singer for acclaimed Bristol band Cybervoid. Alex Brent, formerly of Captive, rounds out the recording line-up on lead guitar.

CHUPACABRA bring the full-frontal, in-your-face force of relentless thrashing riffage as a platform for soaring, aggressive vocals that explore issues of toxic relationships, female empowerment, social injustice and the laid-bare rage of one disaffected member of a broken society. Heather Taylor reveals layers of herself threaded through the songs on a journey of venting unbound rage, breaking conditioned compliance and growing a new authentic skin.

For Fans Of:

Kreator, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Holy Moses, At The Gates, Lamb of God, Pest Control, Testament, Sodom

Track Listing:

1. Burn The Clowns [Video]

2. F.T.T.D.

3. Fortified with Ashes

EP mixed and mastered by Wynter Prior, Sphynx Studios, Brighton, UK.

Photo by Serena Hill

Album Line-Up:

Nige Savage: All instruments, except lead guitar

Heather Taylor: Vocals

Alex Brent: Lead guitar

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