CARNAL TOMB unleash lyric video ‘The Putridarium’ and reveal details of new album “Embalmed in Decay”

CARNAL TOMB from Berlin unleash the lyric video ‘The Putridarium‘ as the first single taken from the German old school death dealers’ forthcoming new album “Embalmed in Decay“, which is scheduled for release on November 3, 2023.

The lyric video ‘The Putridarium‘ is available for immediate publication via the following link

Pre-sale link:

CARNAL TOMB comment: “After ‘Osseous Sarcophagus’, our drummer Vomitchrist wrote ‘The Putridarium’ as his second song for ‘Carnal Tomb'”, guitarist and singer Cryptic Tormentor explains. “The track features some riffs that he wrote all the way back in 2008. Its sinister and fast forward nature made it the perfect opener for ‘Embalmed in Decay’. It comes with everything that we love about death metal: blast beats, doom sections, even some groove, a massive triplet riff, and various solo sections of lead guitar and bass. While writing this song, Vomitchrist was inspired by bands like Grave Miasma and Cruciamentum. The lyrics were inspired by crypts in Italy that have the same name: putridarium. We used this track also as a foundation for the album cover. In combination with the intro, which was created by our good friend Leonhard Link, this song very much sets the atmosphere of this album and represents everything that it is about.”

Video credits
Visualisation by Christian Kdrumworm (k-drumworm-media)

CARNAL TOMB_cover230808

1. Intro
2. The Putridarium
3. Cataclysmic Maze
4. Defiled Flesh
5. Draped in Disgust
6. Cerebral Ingestion
7. Morgue Usurper
8. Embalmed in Decay
9. Eyes of the Chasm


CARNAL TOMB from Germany’s chaotic and vibrant capital city Berlin have reached that point in their career, which is traditionally associated with ‘making or breaking it’: the famous third album. Entitled “Embalmed in Decay”, this beautifully putrid and rotten manifest of morbidity perfectly channels the spirit of old school death metal.
The Germans have honed their songwriting to razor-edged sharpness with slightly shorter tracks compared to their previous releases, fast forward blast beats, and they have also kept some of their characteristic doom-driven passages. It all adds up to a contemporary version of classic death metal with enormous firepower that will cement their status as one of the hottest young acts of this most brutal genre.
Guest performances on “Embalmed in Decay” by Serkan Niron from Turkey’s death metal sickos ENGULFED on the track ‘Draped in Disgust’ and some additional intros from former MORBID PANZER as well as PUTRESCINE, and SPEEDWHORE guitarist Leonhard Link put the deliciously toxic icing on CARNAL TOMB‘s gut and gore cake.
The album title ‘Embalmed in Decay’ as well as the track ‘The Putridarum’ are inspired by a chilling funeral practice particularly ‘popular’ in Southern Italy from late mediaeval until early modern times: The corpses of the deceased were placed into a so-called ‘putredarium’ where they were left to rot until nothing remained except the bones, which were brought to an ossuary as their final resting place. This procedure was symbolising a state of purgatory that the dead had to go through.
Other gruesome sources of inspiration for CARNAL TOMB were shaped in the original mould of death metal lyrics that include the works of H.P. Lovecraft as well as gore and zombie movies such as Amando de Ossorio’s 1972 genre classic “Tombs of the Blind Dead”, which directly influenced the song ‘The Putridarium’. Obviously, these themes have also inspired the morbid cover artwork of “Embalmed in Decay” by artist Skaðvaldur.
CARNAL TOMB were formed in Berlin in 2014 out of a hunger for old school death metal that possessed all band members. Besides a remarkable number of demo recordings, EPs, split and single releases, their two full-lengths “Rotten Remains” (2016) and “Abhorrent Veneration” (2019) quickly earned the band an excellent reputation in death metal circles around the globe.  
Particularly, “Abhorrent Veneration” opened the stages of Europe to CARNAL TOMB – of which the early 2023 “Decayed Manifestations” tour with TERATOMA led them through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, and Germany. A tour supporting “Embalmed in Decay” is already in the planning stages.
With the putrid death metal horror of “Embalmed in Decay”, CARNAL TOMB raise the blind dead from their tombs and unleash these monsters and other brutal evils upon an unsuspecting world.

Release date: November 3, 2023
Style: Death Metal
Label: Testimony Records


Marc Strobel (Cryptic Tormentor) – guitars, vocals
Toni Thomas (Goat Eviscerator) – guitars
Daniel Sturm (Vomitchrist) – drums
Mustafa Kaya (Impaler) – bass

Guest musician
Serkan Niron (ENGULFED) – additional vocals on ‘Draped in Disgust’
Leonhard Link (PUTRESCINE, SPEEDWHOE) – additional intros

Recording & Mix by Tobias Engl at Englsound in Berlin, Germany
Mastering by Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

Artwork by Skaðvaldur
Layout by Skaðvaldur & Marc Strobel


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