ROAD PIG sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions – “Still The Future Is Bleak” set for release on September 1st, pre-orders + single live now

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is set to release the new EP from New Jersey’s dystopian, d-beat warriors Road PigStill The Future Is Bleak is up now for pre-order and will be released September 1st on CD and Digital formats along with merch.

Behold, an emergence from the wasteland! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome New Jersey’s dystopian, d-beat warriors Road Pig (Ex- Cut It Out!, The Unwilling, Come And Get It), with their first proper document of sleazy, metal-infused punk. Recorded in the year 2029, well after the final world collapse, Still The Future Is Bleak offers up four crust-laden rippers heavily influenced by equal parts Venom, Disfear, and Italian post-nuke flicks. Stir these highly combustible components into your favorite empty beer bottles for optimal Molotov cocktail tossing and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for hardcore punk ’n’ roll.

These distress signals were captured by Road Pig and unearthed for mixing only recently from a military-style canister by the capable claws of Will Mellor at Red Water Recording (Witching, Cape Of Bats, Morgul Blade) and mastered at Dead Air Studios (Full Of Hell, Warthog, Iron Lung) by Will Killingsworth. After a quickly extinct demo tape, two splits, and several compilation appearances, the dark overlords of Horror Pain Gore Death have agreed to recode these somber warnings and unleash them on CD format, featuring proper post-apocalyptic artwork and layout by Fred Grabosky of Form Terror Growth (Pig Destroyer, Innumerable Forms, Come To Grief). Still The Future Is Bleak is Road Pig on a fuel-injected nightmare ride… they’ve come for your rations and no one is safe from the asphalt assassins!

For fans of Motörhead, Midnight, World Burns To Death, Overcharge, Children Of Technology, Loud Night, Oi Polloi, Agnostic Front, Auktion, and Inepsy.

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1. Total War

2. Blood On The Streets

3. Ancient Noise

4. Leather And Dust

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