CATALYST launches strong final single from the album ‘THE AGE OF ROCKETEERS’ as a promo for the release show on September 9th…..!!!

CATALYST launches strong final single from the album ‘THE AGE OF ROCKETEERS’ as a promo for the release show on September 9th at Kavka Antwerp.

The Belgian metal band from Waasland proudly announces the release of their latest single, “FIRE IN THE ENGINE ROOM”. This song presents a powerful and critical reflection on society, promising a heavier and more intense sound than usually heard from CATALYST. This proves once more that with the new album ‘THE AGE OF ROCKETEERS’ the band has evolved to a more mature musical identity.

The single starts off calmly, but quickly takes you on a rollercoaster of intense riffs and powerful screams by frontman Jeroen. It’s a dynamic song with diverse fast-paced guitar parts, interspersed with calmer passages. Halfway through, a funky medley breaks through the song, transitioning into an epic finale.

The release of the single/video is celebrated with an equally dynamic music video, created by guitarist Aäron and compiled from live footage of the pre-release show in the ghost town of Doel in March 2023. The video clip can be viewed on YouTube, while the single is available on all streaming platforms.

Don’t miss out on this explosive release and make sure to mark September 9th in your calendar for the album release show of ‘THE AGE OF ROCKETEERS’ at Kavka Antwerp/Belgium!!


After Philip Pedraza (ex-Sadistic Embrace, ex-Gitaron) and Aäron Onghena (ex-Gitaron) decided to end the Heavy Metal project Gitaron, they decided to keep riffing together. They asked Aäron’s brother Benjamin Onghena (ex-Zonder Zorgen, ex-Kidney Punch) if he was up for playing bass in a new metal project.

After his addition the name CATALYST was chosen and they started riffin’ together. Those riffs became structures and structures became songs.

They decided to go further into this project so they put on an online ad for a drummer. Jannes Lemaitre (ex-Titan, Patroness) applied and joined the band as percussionist.

They then contacted the current vocalist of Monomad, Jeroen Van Ranst, to ask if he was interested in a Progressive Melodic Death Metal Band thus forming the current lineup of CATALYST.

The band released their first 3 songs in 2018. In 2019 CATALYST release Sustainable Dignity and Fear Well, but also the drummer Jannes decided to leave the band. They were looking for a new drummer through online application because of COVID-19 where Sam Bogaert (ex-Dead end Path, ex-Oceans Burning) applied. On the 10th of December 2021 they released Rights of Passage.

Songs were written and plans were made for a full length album to be released over the course of 2023. The album is a semi conceptual collection of songs reflecting on a post pandemic society run by rocketeers.

Where we have been so far:

Ragnarok Live Club, Detonation (Red Penguin), Kinky Star, B52 Music Club, Doel, MCP Apache, Titans Club, JH Reflex, Woundfest (Togenblik), Nefast, ART Vortn Vis, Frietrock, Devilsrock, Kids Antwerp, …

for full list and future shows:

Artwork by Lien Van Ranst

The artwork reflects the impact of space exploration and engineering for our generation and those to come. Space exploration also stands as a symbol and metaphor for social evolution. Some individuals are so powerful and influential that they can greatly change our world and the future of humanity


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