MILKING THE GOATMACHINE – new album “Neue Platte” out now / release show at Summer Breeze Open-Air


Mankind has always been fascinated by extraterrestrial danger, just think of “War of the Worlds”, “The Body Snatchers Are Coming” or “Alien”. But the real danger comes from goats from the planet GoatEborg! The inventors of the Goatgrind return to remind humanity that it is in a permanent state of subjugation.The fact that MILKING THE GOATMACHINE musically shaves the fan razor-sharp with this “convulsing concept album about nonsense” is made clear by the symbolic title “Neue Platte” and the matching cover artwork („Platte“ referring to a vinyl record as well as to baldness in German).

The new stable work “Neue Platte” is now availablein stores. The band will play a release show at this year’s Summer Breeze Open-Air.
Stage time: Aug. 19 – 11:30 a.m. on the festival’s T-Stage.

The band comments:
“Finally the time has come.
Our “Neue Platte” (German for New Record) will be released.
But to be honest…it wasn’t planned at all to release the next album already 1 year after our last one. But it was so itchy in our hooves that it just had to come out. The album is and sounds very spontaneous and carefree. We didn’t think about what we were doing beforehand, we just went for it.
We’re very happy with the result and hope that we bring as much joy to our fans with this album as we do to ourselves.”

The album can be ordered on CD, white VInyl and in the exclusive deluxe bundle:

“Children Of The Horn” (music video):
“Iss’n Köttel, Mach’n Köttel” (lyric video)

The goat brothers present new pearls of good taste, lovingly and tongue-incheek titled ‘The Wrong One To Milk With’, ‘In Battle There Is No Straw’ or ‘Twilight Of The Thundergoat’. What leaves mankind no chance: The unique catchiness of the music recorded by Fernando Hermansa in the Fat-Knob Recordings studios (Knife, Carnal Ghoul and Miseo among others), because elements of Death, Grind, Thrash and Crust merge into an irresistibly groovy mixture that deliberately appeals to the lowest instincts of every metalhead. Modern slams, Death Metal overtones, Carcass grooves, brutal rolling, Grind blasts with a Scorpions break or a disturbing, German dubbed “Ren & Stimpy” intro – the Goatgrind of MILKING THE GOATMACHINE stands for
furiously performed variety. And whoever survives a ‘Careless Whisper’ at the end is steeled for life.


1 The Squeal Session
2 Feed Me; Milk me; Comb me
3 Children Of The Horn
4 Extreme Wolves Terror
5 The Wrong One To Milk With
6 In Battle There is no Straw
7 Boots Bloody Boots
8 Twilight Of The Thundergoat
9 Funky Funeral
10 Iss’n Köttel, Mach’n Köttel
11 Napalm Grass
12 Kraut im Bart und Quark im Fell
13 Careless Whisper

Goatfreed Udder – Guitar, bass
Goatleeb Udder – Vocals, drums
Live members:
Lazarus Hoove – Guitar
Steve Shedaway – Bass


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