ABHORRENCY – US Bestial Black/Death Metal Desecrators Issue 2022 Debut Album on Vinyl – Pre-Orders and Full Stream Available


Sentient Ruin is proud to bring you a hideous slab of bestial, pulverizing, black/death metal barbarity from the outermost realms of insanity. Sacramento, California-based desecrators Abhorrency bring us their humanity-ending debut full-length abomination, “Climax of Disgusting Impurities”, thirty two minutes of complete savagery and bestial sonic abandon worshipping the deranged cult of bands like Death WorshipConquerorBestial Warlust and Proclamation. Unrelenting and antihuman in every aspect imaginable, the nine-song audial weapon of mass extermination establishes a perpetual state of torment and terror within the listener through an unyielding death-bearing black, death, and grind-infused onslaught designed to demolish every human presence by any means necessary. A new cult of total death has risen, and Abhorrency are its new chaos-wielding prophets and emissaries!

“Climax of Disgusting Impurities” was originally released in 2022 on MC and CD via Stygian Black Hand and Goat Throne Records respectively. Now the long awaited vinyl version is slated for a September 1 2023 release worldwide via Sentient Ruin.

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