FINAL STRIKE – to release “Finding Pieces” on November 24th

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Power metal voice Christian Eriksson (Ex-Twilight Force, Ex-Northtale) is back: “Finding Pieces”, the debut album of his new band FINAL STRIKE, will be released on 24.11.2023 via REAPER ENTERTAINMENT and offers everything that fans of the genre could wish for.

Today, the band reveal the cover artwork for “Finding Pieces“, which was created by Emil Wickman.

Christian comments:
“Here we go, after 3 years of hard work we are finally ready to release our debut album “Finding Pieces”. It will be out on November 24th and it will come out as vinyl, cd and digital on all platforms. Can’t wait to share this album with you all. And to start this countdown we will share the beautiful cover  to our album made by our brother in arms Emil Wickman.”

Emil adds:
“When I listen to this album it moves me to the core. This cover reflects my emotions towards the music and I am extremely happy with how it turned out.”

The tracklist of “Finding Pieces”:
1             Archers
2             Finding Pieces
3             Fly
4             Freedom
5             Heaven’s Falling Down
6             Oblivion
7             Restless Mind
8             Spark from the Dark
9             To the North
10          Turn of the Tide

The first digital single “Freedom” will be released on September 15th and you can pre-save it now:


More about FINAL STRIKE:
Christian Eriksson is already known to many power metal fans from his previous bands: As Chrileon he sang with the Swedes Twilight Force from 2011 to 2017 and with the Swedish-American formation NorthTale from 2017 to 2020. When he left the latter, he was at a crossroads in his life. Should he keep making music or should he try something completely different? But after a period of deliberation and self-reflection, the decision was made: Christian is calling the challenge – it should be a last attempt with a clear premise. Forming a new band and writing an album that would emerge with the same lighthearted feeling that flowed through him as a teenager. His former colleagues Patrick Johansson (drums) and Jimmy Pitts (keyboards) were immediately willing to start a new band with Christian – so there was still a lack of new comrades-in-arms for the stringed instruments. Christian recalled a guitarist’s video he had seen years earlier because the string wizard’s playing reminded him of the enthusiasm and emotion of a young Yngwie Malmsteen. So he quickly called Martin Floberg, who comes from Gothenburg. The chemistry between the two musicians was right and FINAL STRIKE found their guitarist. It was even easier with bassist Jan Ekberg: he had already gotten wind of Christian putting together a new band, and when the phone rang he was prepared and accepted straight away.
The completed FINAL STRIKE line-up goes on to write their debut „Finding Pieces“ with the guideline that the album should sound exactly like what their seventeen year old selves would have liked to have bought. Freely based on the psychological-philosophical motto “Perfection lies in imperfection”, the quintet has followed the original target. ”Final Strike is exactly what it sounds like, the final strike. We’ve gathered all of our experiences throughout life and united in a communal vision. With material for a long lasting future we look forward sharing our work with you. One last strike and this one is going to strike hard,” explains singer Christian. And so it’s not surprising that “Finding Pieces” comes across in a very casual, lighthearted and carefree way. Highly melodic, but not cheesy, the Swedes focus on what constitutes Heavy or Power Metal: Groovy riffing as the basis for an extremely melodic guitar playing, which is underpinned by driving drums and bass lines as well as keyboard arrangements that expand the overall sound powerfully. Above all, the voice of Christian Eriksson reigns supreme, who not only sings his way through the high pitches confidently like a young Michael Kiske, but also managed to convey the previously mentioned lightheartedness to the songs, which will thrill all fans of melodic power metal, from teenagers to old hands.

Christian Eriksson – vocals
Patrick Johansson – drums
Jimmy Pitts – keyboards
Martin Floberg – guitars
Jan Ekberg – bass


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