NOCTOMB Drop New Single “Tongues of Madness”


NOCTOMB, the three-piece ensemble emerging from Raleigh, NC, take a genre-bending approach to their song-writing. They merge black metal with diverse influences, and the result wanders seamlessly between harsh aggression and haunting introspection. NOCTOMB‘s upcoming self-titled album will be released on September 22, 2023.

Today they have released a fresh new taste of the album: new single “Tongues of Madness.” An eerie mood escapes from “Tongues of Madness” as it dives into a powerful and brutal display. You can stream it HERE

Noctomb delivers an immersive venture into fuzz driven riffs and raging percussion through their all-consuming tracks. “Born of Cinder” strikes a dynamic balance of enveloping melodic progressions in the verses and sheer aggressive chaos in the heightened, high speed choruses. “Kali Yuga” unleashes a wave of rapid riffs before the pace slows to greet the banshee like vocals. Bursts of breakneck instrumental sections contrast with bass led doomy notes that descend into the depths below. Noctomb is a delight for the senses for those seeking the addictive thrill of the devastatingly heavy. 

Noctomb Track-List:
Cult of Hera    
Kali Yuga    
Born Of Cinder    
Zombie Fungus    
Tongues of Madness    

NOCTOMB is a trio of three left handed misanthropes who picked up their right handed instruments and began their journey down the left hand path. Their very first song together was the title track of their 2014 debut record, Obulus for Charon. Using that song as a touchstone for their sound, NOCTOMB has cultivated a uniquely outsider approach to the more extreme genres. Their blackened sludge sound steps into pockets of light, the deep abyss of apathy, and pushes the sonic limits of a trio into new territory. Since releasing Obulus for Charon, the band have toured the Southeast and become a local staple opening for touring acts. After hunkering down for a while to write and record, the band is back in full-force, gearing up to hit the road once more in support of their upcoming self-titled record.

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