OBSCURE SORROWS Releases Haunting Self-Titled Album

OBSCURE SORROWS is an experimental instrumental project, creating piano-led soundtrack compositions with aspects of black metal. Traversing the ethereal and discordant, the new offering Obscure Sorrows is inspired by John Koenig’s The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows and makes for an immersive experience. 


“The composition process involved studying the work [The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows] and then just played to my hearts content. Afterwards I challenged myself to not do many edits – and I actually got away without doing any. Perhaps I was in a particularly happy state! There are imperfections but I’m delighted with it in general; imperfection and spontaneity are both very important.”

Listen and download here:

The album is intended to be like a cabinet of curiosities. There’s a dark and sinister undertone, but there’s also whimsy, etherealness and fun. The song titles are also taken from Koenig’s work which is designed to capture the essence of a variety of peculiar and complex human emotions. OBSCURE SORROWS, as a project, seeks to do the same through the medium of music.

Artwork: Felix Luca King.
Photo by Holly Royle, edits by Tom Lloyd. 
Composed and performed by Matthew Simon Fletcher and Holly Frances Royle.
Produced by Matthew Simon Fletcher.

Track Listing: 
1. Altschmerz 
2. Amicy 
3. Obscure Sorrows
4. Sonder

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