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Hi Gabriel Blacksmith! Let’s lift the curtains right now and reveal, who Grymheart can be known for! Also, could you please say something about your bandmates – anything that’s allowed…? 🙂

I think you mean that I was in Wisdom. In this project, I use the name Gabriel Blacksmith because it fits better with the concept of Grymheart. The others are Dargor Rivgahr – guitar, V’arhel – bass and Sorin Nalaar – drums. If you watched our new video carefully, you could see their faces. 🙂

I must admit that the birth of the band was completely unexpected for me. The first time I realized that this was a Hungarian band was when I read about you in the newsletter of Scarlet Records. Therefore, I was surprised by the music and above all, by the quality! In what extent did you plan it to be a surprise? How long have you been working on this project? How old/new are the songs?

I didn’t want it for a surprise. It was an old project but I didn’t have enough time for it next to Wisdom. There were some ideas what were born more than 10 years ago. When I realized that Wsidom won’t work in the near future I started to work on this project seriously.

Is Grymheart currently occupying all your time? How much background work do you have to do these times?

Nearly yes. There is a lot of work and tasks with a band and we have a lot of deadlines since we signed the contract with Scarlet Records. It’s not easy to bulid up a new band and nowadays there are more and more online platforms what are very important to know.

While looking for a label, what were your expectations that made you choose Scarlet Records as your ideal label?

I think the most important thing is that a label believes in the band and they should have good contacts and partnerships in the music industry. I asked some people about Scarlet Records and they said a lot of good things about them so I thought it will be a good choice for us.

Your music is a mixture of melodic power and death metal (the guitars may tend to be more power metal-like), but the style of the vocal and the atmosphere take us entirely back right to the world of the early Ensiferum. I think you hit the balance quite well and managed to create catchy melodies. How and in which way did the particular song elements evolve? How should we imagine a songwriter’s thoughts when he sits down to create and to compose perfection?

Thank you. I think the most important thing is the good atmosphere and mood in a song. I olny work out the whole song if there is any magic in the base idea. I am glad you mentioned the melodies because it is the other most important element of Grymheart’s music. The catchy melodies can go into your head and stay with you for a long time. This is what takes you closer to a song or an album in my opinion. There are a lot of quite good albums what I like to listen to but the next day I don’t remember anything because there aren’t enough memorable parts in them.


So, on September 22nd, Scarlet Records will release the digipack CD version of the new album “Hellish Hunt”! It’s a really great thing! Interesting, exciting – someone from Hungary it might even be “hair-raising” – and easy to like. For me all the songs on the album are very coherent and are of a similarly high standard throughout. Is everything included in the final product, or did you throw out a lot of compositions? What makes you to consider the album good?

I don’t know if it is good or not but I love it and I am proud of this album. Usually I don’t throw out full songs because if an idea isn’t good enough I don’t finish it. I threw out several themes but there is only one full song what we didn’t record for the album but perhaps someday we will make it for a bonus or similar.

In which extent do you think people welcome this kind of music nowadays? What do you think if I say that you can easily surpass the success of Wisdom?

I think this melodic death metal went a little bit better some years ago, but there are some bands like Amon Amarth and Arch Enemy who still have a very massive and big fanbase. On the other side the classic power metal with specific concept and theatrical image is getting stronger again. For example Powerwolf, Sabaton, Gloryhammer, etc. Maybe we are between these two styles so I think there will be a relevant audience who will like our music.

Let’s get a little back to the label. How brave do you think is it to sign a contract for three albums? Is there a strong bond between you?

Nowadays a serious record label won’t make a deal for less album because one album isn’t enough to bulid up a new band. This is a long-term process and you can’t sign any deal without this kind of compromise.

The lyrics of the songs are full of all kinds of mythological beasts. Why did you choose this theme? How much thought have you given to the direction of the lyrics – I mean, you really had to think a lot in the beginning of such a journey!

There wasn’t any concrete concept at the beginning, I just wanted to write some mystical lyrics but when things turned more serious I started to think about something more exciting and specific. At that time I played the Witcher game which was the main inspiration for the final concept next to the Van Helsing and Solomon Kane movies.

In fact, you did almost everything for the album: song writing, studio work etc….! What made your collaborators find your ideas interesting and connect with you? What kind of values did they add?

The songwriting process and improving my scream vocal were quite long period so I didn’t want band mates until I finished everything. There wasn’t anything to do and they would have lost their motivation. Dargor, V’arhel and Sorin will add a lot to Grymheart from now on.

I would also like to talk a little bit about the vocals. After listening to it, certain people might demand more pure vocals from you, to make it more varied and interesting. What do you think about it? In what extent do you stick to your current style of singing?

The Grymheart was formed for this kind of vocal so we don’t want a different kind of main vocal. The choir parts are and will be the only clean elements in our music but perhaps there will be a little bit more on the next album.

It’s still quite early, but I’m looking forward to the follow-up – and of course I’ll be curious to hear the feedback! What can you promise, how will the second release look like? How do you envision a follow-up to Grymheart and Scarlet Records? How fast can these three albums come out (including the current one)?

We will follow this way on the next album. I have a lot of ideas for it, but now we have to focus on the release of the ’Hellish Hunt’ with full force. I hope that we will be able to start working on the new songs in the autumn. We would like to release the second album in 2025.

There is a question that immediately presents itself. Concerts are required to promote the band. I know it’s important for you to present yourself abroad, but I’m wondering when there will be a Grymheart show in Hungary?

Right after the album’s release, we want to start organizing concerts or tours, and we would like to get a booking deal with a booking agency because it is very important if you want to play everywhere around the world. Of course we would like to play in Hungary as well but there aren’t any booked gigs yet.


Your label is in Italy – is it possible that you will perform the soonest there? There are quite a few melodic bands on the label. Who do you think is the most likely to get on a tour with?

I don’t think that the first show would be in Italy. They are only a record label not a booking agency. We would like to go on tour with any band whose style fits ours. The best would be with big names who have a huge audiance and hopefully their fans would like Grymheart’s music.

How much do you like to connect directly with fans? Is it possible to communicate with you, even to invite you for a beer in a pub and discuss your favorite mythical characters?

I always liked to mingle in the audience instead of sitting in the dressing room. I go to many concerts as a fan as well or I just go to a bar with friends. So it is not impossible to meet me in the night for exmaple at a metal event, but unfortunately I don’t like beer, I prefer wine or short drinks. 🙂

What are you most curious about the album? Do you think many people will like it?

I hope people will like our music but I know there will be some – mainly Wisdom – fans who won’t like it because of the harsh vocal.

I rarely say that about Hungarians, but I am proud of you for what you have achieved! Believe me, everything will be fine! Good luck!

Thank you! This is a great honor for me but I don’t feel myself special I just want to get my feelings and moods out through my music even if sometimes it takes extra energy and sacrifice.


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