Heavy metal thrashers BAFFALD to release new full length album FUCK OFF 2020


FUCK OFF 2020,’ is the next release from Canadian thrash metal band BAFFALD. Their energetic style takes an old school metal approach to its straightforward brand of thrash, without losing any of the genre’s guile, attitude, speed and, most importantly, riffs. 

BAFFALD formed in 1991 in Toronto by Nova Scotia native Jeff Barkhouse and continued on through 1999.  Along the way, BAFFALD released EPs, ‘Pounding Puking Power’ and Nudge’ in 1992 and 1994, respectively. Another album, ‘Banned From City Hall,’ was recorded in 1996 but didn’t see the light of day until 2021. Before their demise, they played gigs constantly, including opening for the mighty TESTAMENT in 1997.  Flash forward to 2020 and Jeff Barkhouse rebooted the band and began writing what would become ‘FUCK OFF 2020.’  Jeff did the recording and engineering himself but Micahel Kraushaur at Little Red Studios did the final mixing and mastering. 

FUCK OFF 2020’ is an album where the music is as dirty and abrasive as that title would suggest.  The album’s in your face, no holds barred brand of thrash metal is as face melting as it is rousing and destructive, having one foot constantly stomping the gas pedal.

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Heavy Metal Thrashers BAFFALD Launch New Full Length Album ‘FUCK OFF 2020’ 


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