SÜHNOPFER present ‘D.S.F.R.’

Continuing to perfect his unique brand of Baroque Black Metal, French composer Ardraos presents a first song from forthcoming album, “Nous somme d’Hiers“. Listen to ‘D.S.F.R.‘ via YouTube or on Bandcamp:

Weaving twisted melodic guitars, frantic blasting drums, second wave Black Metal screams, choral vocals and the melancholy of French Chanson into a coherent whole, SÜHNOPFER create a harsh, yet opulent atmosphere to pay homage to the tarnished glory of the Bourbons.

Ardraos narrates about the song’s creation:

This track was composed between 2020 and 2021, but the title and lyrics came some time later. The reason for this is that I worked meticulously on a part of original Baroque music by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, whose writing dates back to 1681 (work H.291). I found this ‘anthem’ very inspiring, and this seemed like evidence to me that I had to give it substance and my personal interpretation through SÜHNOPFER. It also served as the basis for a specific passage of this track. But I reworked it extensively. I was able to insert my own choirs and many other elements.

The title ‘D.S.F.R.‘ is a Latin abbreviation and stands for ‘Domine Salvum Fac Regem‘:

Originally, this title was quite simply the national anthem practiced in the kingdom of France under the old regime. It comes from ‘motets’ used in the local liturgy (prayer for the King during masses) before becoming very popular in the form given to them by Charpentier and other composers under Louis XIII and Louis XIV. SÜHNOPFER‘s title itself evokes this past by metaphorically referring to the death of royalty, imagining what might be the return of powerful ghosts from that era. Charles Dubus then worked on the cover, drawing inspiration from the music and texts of the album, and this painting of course partly reflects this title, but also forms a whole with the rest of the tracks.

Find more information about the album here.

Nous sommes d’Hier” will be released on CD, vinyl and digital via Debemur Morti Productions on October 6th. Pre-orders are possible via the label’s EUUS and Bandcamp shops.


Created into the deep lands of the Bourbons in 2000, SÜHNOPFER is the Black Metal project of multi-instrumentalist and sole member Ardraos (also drummer for CHRISTICIDEAORLHAC).

SÜHNOPFER has since built up a discography of three demos, an EP (“L’Aube des Trépassés“, 2007) and 3 full-length albums: “Nos Sombres Chapelles” (2010), and the resounding “Offertoire“, released at the end of 2014, as well as “Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes” (2019).

SÜHNOPFER delivers a violent medieval and melodic atmosphere, with themes dealing with a medieval, knightly, obscurantist and religious dimension, by adding typical aspects of his powerful and glorious homeland.

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