Swedish band OFDRYKKJA unveil new exclusive song

It is no secret that the music of OFDRYKKJA has never sounded quite the same. As they strive to keep evolving on a personal level, this is naturally reflected in the band’s music as well.

Now a new song & single as a new sign of life, with Judith De Lotharingie (ex-Skáld) on guest vocals

The band comments:

»The song is dedicated to Hastings, an Ofdrykkja fan who recently passed away. We felt touched by his story; one not too far from our own. A story of being swallowed by darkness; of being lost in a seemingly endless night.

Although many of our listeners have found their way to us through our recent and more harmonic releases, there are still those who remember a time when we too were consumed by the night, every day losing the battle against the dark spirits that fed upon our suffering. As we emerged out of the deepest depths of black metal, the raw tunes of our first songs sang of pure pain and desperation. With Bergakall, we wish to shine a light upon those who find themselves relating to that battle. This is a tribute to all the Hastings out there – who live a life in struggle; and the purpose of this release is to let you know that hope never fades.

You all have the strength required to turn things around, and to stop giving in to darkness. The light is always within reach, you just need to fight for it. The dark night of the soul may seem endless, but if we could escape it, then truly, anyone can.

And for Hasting – may your spirit forever wander the mountains, in peace and harmony.

A special thanks goes out to Judith De Lotharingie (ex-Skáld) for laying these magical vocals.«

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