Black Metal Newcomers NGANGA Release New Single “Lunar Chains”


Black metal affront NGANGA have revealed the first single from their upcoming EP, Phthisis, due out September 29th. “Lunar Chains“, while aggressive, explores a new side of the band, with layers and dimension woven with the classic black metal sound. Stream it HERE.

The band shares: “‘Lunar Chains’ explores the progressive side of our band, in which we utilize dual guitar harmonies, rhythm and tempo changes to reflect the consequences of humanity going against nature.”

On their new album, NGANGA calls forth a relentless barrage of cacophonous sound straight from the fiery depths. The five track album is named Phthisis, which is another word for tuberculosis. The title makes perfect sense when vocalist Eyn explodes onto the opening track “Absent Light,” spitting venomous bile in every direction. The album is not without its calmer moments, however, calling attention to NGANGA’s innate ability to cultivate a variety of emotions and atmospheric textures through their music. Nowhere is this more clear than on the second track, “Wound.” Still, the trend continues throughout the album, providing listeners with a momentary but satisfying view into the spectacularly dark and twisted world of NGANGA.

Originating from Raleigh, North Carolina, NGANGA is an up and coming black metal group with four members. They have managed to captivate listeners with their intricate fusion of chaos and beauty. The band draws inspiration from various sources such as WEAKLING, YELLOW EYES, KRALLICE, REVOCATION, and BEYOND CREATION. Through their varied inspirations and massive talents, NGANGA has created a musical landscape that breathes new life into traditional black metal, injecting it with fresh energy amid dark and atmospheric undertones.

NGANGA was originally formed as a duo by vocalist Eyn and drummer Jordan King, The band then expanded its lineup by enlisting Charles Meyer to handle lead melodies for their 2022 demo, De Muerte. The demo was very well received, with Invisible Oranges even including it on the best of list for the year 2022. The exceptionally positive reception to De Muerte led the band to welcome Nate Stokes, guitarist of NOCTOMB, into their ranks. This addition marked a turning point in the band’s evolution as they began writing and recording their highly anticipated debut album, Phthisis.

Having gained a dedicated following within the North Carolina black metal scene and completing two successful tours along the East Coast, NGANGA has firmly established itself as a powerful presence in the underground. As they prepare to unleash their unique style of black metal to a wider audience, NGANGA is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene.

Track listing:
Absent Light    
Vacuous Dream    
Lunar Chains    


Eyn – Bass / Vocals
Jordan King – Drums
Charles Meyer – Guitar
Nate Stokes – Guitar / Vocals

Album Credits:

Recorded and Mixed by Colin Swanson-White
Mastered by Colin Marston
Logo drawn by Mario Colon
Album Art by Awo Prosatega

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @nganga_nc

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