TAUBRĄ introduce ‘Vale Of The Taubra’


Gathering skilled artists from the underground, composer Berg (AARA) has created a new entity to unleash another facet of his artistic vision. Firmly rooted in the tradition of Occult Black Metal, TAUBRĄ present a menacing first composition from their forthcoming debut, “Therizo“. Listen to ‘Vale Of The Taubra‘ via Bandcamp or below via YouTube:

The band’s first offering builds crushing and hypnotic soundscapes through which Berg’s trademark unique guitar melodies subtly shine – a dense and mesmerizing trip into Occult darkness.

Singer and lyricist R. comments:

Berg wrote this composition last fall, rather directly after we decided on the name TAUBRĄ. I knew I wanted a lyric with the name ‘Taubra’ in it, and it ended up being this song. My words deal with darkness and descension, a netherworld stripped of light. Abysmal and horrid. When I was recording vocals for this beast, I knew we also needed a clean voice. As this was the last song, we laid down the vocals, it was a difficult task. We recorded all songs in four to five hours and so, for the last song, my voice was not at par. Thankfully, Ahzari (BEYOND MANSALIGIA) stepped in and gave a helping hand, or better, voice!

Find more information about the album here.

Therizo” will be released on CD, vinyl and digital via Debemur Morti Productions on October 13th. Pre-orders are possible via the label’s EUUS and Bandcamp shops.

TAUBRĄ was founded in 2022 in Switzerland by guitarist and songwriter B. (AARA) with the intention of following a darker, mystical path, combining traditional Black Metal of the Norwegian school with melodic influences, and carrying on a type that has become rare today. The old spirits have been reawakened with the help of members from Switzerland and Norway, vocalist R., bassist T., and drummer J. Join them in spilling blood and ashes to keep that fucking flame alive!

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