Persian Epic Metal Duo ‘BROKEN PILLARS’ Releases Debut EP ‘Of Pillars and Primordial Myth’ 

Iran’s epic metal duo Broken Pillars released its debut EP ‘Of Pillars and Primordial Myth’ via Ardawahisht Kollektive on September 8. The project originally premiered the EP on Decibel two days prior, on September 6.

Artwork by Harpag Karnik

Broken Pillars is a Persian epic metal duo consisting of ‘Harpag Karnik’ and ‘Earthen Shade’, both members of the prolific Iranian digital label ‘Ardawahisht Kollective’. The pair is the mastermind behind the label’s other projects such as ‘Erancnoir’, ‘Forelunar’, ‘Urnscent’, ‘Désespéré’, etc. ‘Broken Pillars’ an entity, born in mid-2023, tries to channel the ancient landscapes and epic myths of Iran into the sonic vessel of epic extreme metal.

From left to right, Earthen Shade and Harpag Karnik

In ancient times the Greek and Persian empires have always been at odds with each other as neighboring nations. They have had many political, and social interactions, both friendly as well as hostile. Broken Pillars’ music is the Persian response to the well-established Hellenic black metal style. This response gives some much-needed context to what Broken Pillars has achieved sonically. The songs contain slow yet deliberate doomy-sounding guitar riffing and grandiose symphonic arrangements.

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The music can be interpreted as chants trying to reawaken an empire lost to the cruelties of time. The name “broken pillars” is inspired by the ancient ruins of Persepolis, one of the oldest sites of civilization, which was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire circa 500 BC. Through the band’s name, the duo is ambitious to represent not only their heritage, but also the current identity chaos going on in Iran. The EP features ancient deities and legends from Iran’s ancient history.

Fans can stream the EP on all platforms here:

‘Of Pillars and Primordial Myth’ tracklist:
1. Pillars of the Primordial Myth
2. We Come to Cleanse 

Broken Pillars Lineup:
Earthen Shade – Guitars, bass, vocals
Harpag Karnik – Drum programming, orchestrations, lyrics, logo, artwork

More about Ardawahisht Kollektive:
Ardawahisht Kollektive is an Iranian underground digital label specializing in black metal, doom metal, and mbient music. The Kollective was founded in 2018, as a home to the musical endeavors of the Iranian musician Harpag Karnik, and all his related projects. Its main goal is to show the unexplored paths of transcendence and find the root of all emotions. Having released over 30 albums since 2018 the Kollective’s main goal has been to gather the less-known Iranian projects rooted within black metal, ambient, and experimental territories. As of 2023, the core members of the collective are Harpag Karnik himself, Earthen ShadeArdwisurTaurvi, and Nihil Satan.

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