MYSTIC CIRCE – release “Infernal satanic Verses” digitally, start pre-order for limited vinyl edition!

Founded in 1992 in Ludwigshafen, MYSTIC CIRCLE quickly mixed up the Underground with their first three demos and established themselves as the biggest national Black Metal band in the late 90s with the concept album “Drachenblut” and the following “Infernal Satanic Verses“.

Their cult album “Infernal Satanic Verses” from 1999 is now available for the first time on all digital platforms. 
On top, Fireflash Records will release a limited Gatefold vinyl edition (500 copies) in demon green, out on November, 24th. The pre-order starts today.
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Vinyl Tracklist:
A1. Intro – The Daemons Call
A2. Undestructable Power Of Darkness
A3. One With The Antichrist
A4. Fallen Christian Empire
B1. Hordes Of The Underworld
B2. The Devilstone
B3. Thorns Of Lies
B4. Black Legions

“24 years after the release of ‘Infernal Satanic Verses’, the album is being released for the first time digital and on limited coloured vinyl. Newly remastered, it sounds fresher and more bombastic than ever. We will be very proud and excited when the 500 demons are unleashed on our supporters in November”, commented A. Blackwar and Beelzebub.


In 2006 MYSTIC CIRCLE decided to take a longer break to devote themselves to other projects. In 2020, the two protagonists and original members Beelzebub and A. Blackwar reunited and found that their musical destinies are still connected and they agree on the ideas they still want to unleash on the world. Their common goals and their realization quickly took shape and the two musicians found in Nils Lesser a producer and partner who understood and completed their dark vision. The result is more aggressive and voluminous, but with all the recognizable roots of their early phase. In 2022 the reunion album “Mystic Circle” was released and only a year later their current powerhouse “Erzdämon“.

“Erzdämon” is available on CD and a limited colored Gatefold Vinyl.

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Album Tracklist:
1. Erzdämon (Part 1)
2. From Hell
3. Unholy Trinity
4. The Scarecrow
5. Asmodeus And The Temple Of God
6. Welcome To The Midnight Mass
7. The Mothman
8. Skinwalker
9. The Princess Of The Deadly Sins (Erzdämon Part 2)

„This new album is a logical continuation and further development of the previous album, more detailed and leading more into the world of horror. The satanic, demonic themes got combined with mystical legends of old stories that will make your blood run cold. Musically this is evoked with new and darker sounds and samples as well as classic heavy metal parts“, comments the band and describes their new journey as a mixture of “Drachenblut”,“Infernal Satanic Verses” and “Mystic Circle”.

More on “Erzdämon”:
“The Scarecrow” (music video):
“From Hell” (music video):
“Erzdämon (Part 1)” (music video):


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