KORELLA released new single

Russian metal band Korella released their new single “Stardust”. The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nikolai Bazhenov at “METALSTUDIO”. 

Initially, this musical work might seem like a breathtaking cosmic journey, transporting the listener into the depths of the universe and prompting contemplation about our future, the future of planet Earth, all of humanity, and its place in the infinite cosmos. The song’s lyrics tell of a time when, due to the expansion of our Sun, it began to scorch the Earth, and humanity was forced to leave its home to find a new one in the depths of space. The track also narrates the connection between all of us in this endless universe and how we are all linked by a delicate red thread through time. However, even such an outcome does not provide a complete salvation for people.

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KORELLA new single available for streaming


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