CORROSIVE – release lyric video for “Wrath Of The Witch”!

On October 13th “Wrath Of The Witch” will be released, the new album of the Hessian death metallers Corrosive, on which among others Gerre from Tankard, Sabina Classen from Holy Moses, Dirk Weiss from Warpath/Sacrifire and others have made their mark with guest contributions. The dark concept around a witch story, the band has also musically taken into account, so it sounds even a little more melodic and even some black metal tunes can be heared than you might be used to from them. The result is nevertheless an album that is unmistakably a Corrosive one. As a first taste, an edit of the title track is available today on the MDD YouTube channel! The album will be released as a CD on MDD and early next year (due to the playing time of over 60 minutes) also as a double LP via KKR. There is also a nice Collectors Box with some additional gimmicks in the MDD Shop. The final tracklist you can find below.

// Wrath Of The Witch – Lyricvideo //

// Album Guest Appearances //
Sabina Classen (Holy Moses) as The White Witch
Andreas “Gerre” Geremia (Tankard) as The Torturer
Dirk Weiss (Warpath, Sacrifire) as The Old Man
Kai Wilhelm (Final Cry) as The Judge
Eva Schmidt (Nihil) as The Devilish Witch
Andreas Jäger (Hyems) as The Inquisitor
Axel Müller (Battlesword) Eva Müller (MIndcross)  as The Peoples Voice
Eiko Truckenbrodt (Final Cry) additional Guitar Solo

// tracklist //
01. Queen Of The Night
02. Fairy Tale Of A Devilish Witch
03. A Victim Of Black Magic
04. Milk Honey Sweet Wine And Blood
05. End Of Your Bloodline
06. Buried By Fire
07. The White Witch, Saviour Of Damned Souls 
08. Rape Of The Witch
09. Hexenhure
10. Shiver Of Pleasure
11. Burning Of The Devilish Whore
12. Wrath Of The Witch

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