EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Hardcore Crossover band BLANKET HILL launch new single ‘OUT FOR THE COUNT’

OUT FOR THE COUNT’ is the new single from Luxembourg’s hardcore/crossover band BLANKET HILL. Although the group released their full length debut ‘THE COURAGE OF HOPELESSNESS’ less than a year ago in October of 2022, there isn’t any stopping of the wholesale beatdown this band provides. ‘OUT FOR THE COUNT’ continues the band’s punishing mix of styles and high octane, straightforward songs that give no quarter.

BLANKET HILL formed in 2015, desiring to create a mix between modern hardcore, thrash metal, death metal and old-school heavy metal.  Due to their reputation for their relentless live shows, the band was given the moniker of “Luxembourg’s Hardest.’’ After releasing EPs in 2015 and 2017, the band embarked on well received tours across Europe.  After spending 2019, writing what would become ‘THE COURAGE OF HOPELESSNESS’, the pandemic put a hold on their touring plans.  Undaunted, the band forged ahead with the release of their debut in 2022.  

There is often a fine line between hardcore punk and metal; ‘OUT FOR THE COUNT‘ doesn’t just walk that line but steps on it, grinding it into dust. This blurring of styles results in the best of both worlds of punk and metal. Uncompromising and unrelenting fury await within.

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