IEROFANIA – The new self-titled black metal album is out


This work was composed and recorded in the nostalgic, windy and decayed Trieste and at the end of a twenty year long cycle it is necessary to publish this work because what was sick has become dying.

At the time, in our late adolescence, this mass of sounds represented a genuine effort and a profound search towards darkness, experienced as a rebellion against the hypocrisy of society, its flight from the thought of death and its own existential ineptitude.

We dug, falling to the bottom of the darkness, to the limitless bottom of the darkness. Giving extreme voice to the separation and discontent that was in our hearts, music allowed us to give majestic wings to our pain and to fly over the world, destroying the boundaries that separated us from a truer existence.

Stylistically, the years in which this work was produced were already difficult for the genre, the only genre in the extreme panorama with a certain expressive seriousness and a secret transcendent yearning that was very dear to us and was its true essence. When it is authentic you can in fact perceive a rare light, beneath a great darkness which is an excellent guardian.

Our Spirit has transmigrated. Distant. In a very high beyond. Struck by the eternal, very clear sun.

The leaves with hypocrisy have fallen, dry branches remain. May those who hear this cry see an eternal light on the horizon, the hidden light of the Sun.


01 – Prima
02 – Seconda
03 – Terza
04 – Intermezzo
05 – Quarta
06 – Settima
07 – Undicesima


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