PERSECUTION COMPLEX Unleash ‘Inquisitor’s Bane’


Extreme melodic power metal band PERSECUTION COMPLEX, have unleashed their latest offering Inquisitor’s Bane. Based out of the deepest darkest corners of Fort Worth, Texas, they seek to spread a bit of positivity back into metal. All members are united in their spiritual viewpoint and that does manifest in their lyrics. They also exercise the freedom to write about what really speaks to them (even if it is something like the sweeping saga of Lord of the Rings).

The band comments: 

“It’s been a long road, but we are happy to present our CD Inquisitor’s Bane to the masses. With a combination of Extreme Metal, Power Metal and other diverse influences, we feel that this music will appeal to a wide range of metal fans.”

Become immersed in the fiercely powerful melodic realms of PERSECUTION COMPLEX. Inquisitor’s Bane explodes into life with “Black Lord of Mordor”. Ludicrous percussion speeds, soaring vocal harmonies, technical guitars and driving rhythms combine to form an epic introduction to the album. Traversing through the track list, “Eternal Conflict” embodies a sense of the foreboding through haunting atmospheric backdrops, and ascending/ descending melodies that deliver an eerie mood. Meanwhile, “Beyond the Stars” opens with a melancholy clean guitar lead that returns throughout the track. Creating a stark contrast with the heavily distorted arrangements, PERSECUTION COMPLEX inject some theatrics into Inquisitor’s Bane. “War in the Heavens” concludes the record in the fury of fire; it’s a high-octane onslaught of heavy. 

Purchase on CD here:

PERSECUTION COMPLEX was originally conceived in 2012, after a couple of years the line up was revised and the band continued for several years under the name EXALT THE THRONE. After a few members left for personal reasons ETT was put on hiatus. In 2020 it was decided to collect most of the original line up and continue on as PERSECUTION COMPLEX. The band has a wide selection of musical influences including but not limited to Classic Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Metal, Progressive Metal and Extreme Metal. During their career PERSECUTION COMPLEX has had the pleasure of opening for bands such as UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, AETHER REALM, SEVEN KINGDOMS, VALE OF PNATH and ABIGAIL WILLIAMS.

Line Up On Inquisitor’s Bane:
Charles Benson: Lead Guitar
Andrew Herring: Vocals
Nolan Void: Rhythm Guitar
Colby Rodgers: Drums
Chris Corley: Bass


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