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I’ve been following the musical career of Thy Art Is Murder for a long time, and I think you’ve really become aces. How long and bumpy has been the road until now? At what point did you feel that your acquaintance had risen to sufficient heights?

The road is long and it certainly is bumpy. I think any band who has come into any sort of career or success has encountered these obstacles. I have never been concerned with rising to any heights of external measurement but my internal scorecard always wants to go a point higher.

The band has been constantly evolving until now, when you apply a groove-filled brutal sound with a dark atmosphere and modern tendencies. Please comment on that and describe your music!

Just as we age and grow as people, so do the things we create, though not always for the better. I want to say our progression and evolution as a band has been very natural and unforced, we just follow our instinct as we change and thankfully we like the result.

As forerunners to the latest album “Godlike”, we have already heard several songs – and it looks like to me that this one will be your best album ever! These 10 songs are the next level of Thy Art Is Murder – they are like a big explosion! Please share what you feel is important about the album with our readers!

I’ve said this many times before, but when creating any kind of work, the result isn’t always exactly as you imagined it in your mind. I think this record is the best representation of what we set out to accomplish with the album and we couldn’t be happier with it. It sounds grown up, encompassing every element of Thy Art Is Murder’s sound with taste.

Your live performance in Australia earlier this year has been recorded and just been released under the title of “Decade of Hate (Live in Melbourne 2023)”. How was that night for you? How big was the crowd you performed in front of?

It was a great night we shared with over two thousand people. It was a pretty great night with fantastic bands, plenty of friends around and was a great feeling to present the record live in full for the first and last time for all those fans who supported the record all those years ago. We have them to thank for giving us a career.

The “Godlike” EU/UK tour – together with Whitechapel, Fit For An Autopsy and Spite – starts at the end of this month. Tickets are already sold out for some venues. Are you ready for the massacre?

I’m about as ready as I can be. Tours like these require months and months of preparation and planning but we are almost ready for it. Now we just have to rehearse the material.

On 12 October, you will play a show in Budapest, the capital of my home country. What should we prepare for? Do you have a message for the fans?

We love Hungary. For a long time, we had a Hungarian driver who was a great friend to us in the early days of the band touring Europe and he shared a lot about your country with us. We look forward to playing in Budapest!

What will happen next after the tour? What else can we expect from the band?

We are starting to solidify our plans for the next two years and are hoping to reach as many parts of the globe touring the new album Godlike.

As musicians, you see and experience all kinds of things while traveling around the world. I suppose people are a bit different here and there. How different does Europe seem to you compared to Australia? Which countries appeal to you the most?

Europe just has a lot more history and culture than Australia, you can travel a few hours and cross several different countries each with their own food, language, and architecture. It is an inspiring place to tour and the fans are incredibly supportive and welcoming.

How many opportunities do metal musicians have in your county to play on stage? Is the trend getting better? How difficult is the situation for an upcoming band in Australia?

I am not too sure how it is going on all levels to be honest, but it seems to be going great. Metal is alive and well now and we are seeing a lot more tours from both Australian and international bands. With respect to the difficulty Australian bands face, getting overseas is a massive hurdle. We for sure have a massive financial hurdle that American and European bands don’t face with massive airfare costs and our currency being worth a lot less.

Thank you for your replies – please accept my eternal gratitude for your replies!

Andy Marsh answered the questions.


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