Finnish melodic death metal band BEYOND THE HATE releases first single “The Lighthouse” from their upcoming debut album “Darkest Times”

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Photography by Tuomas Scholz

The Finnish melodic death metal band Beyond The Hate is set to release an anticipated debut album Darkest Times on March 8th 2024 via Inverse Records. The first single ‘The Lighthouse’ is released today with lyric video which can be seen here:  

Guitarist Kimmo Perälehto states:
“In the pre-production and early stages of the album, we wanted something a little different, so we ended up writing the song in 3/4 time signature. At the same time we combined the song our trademark tremolo saw picking alongside a slower pedal stroke – the result was what we felt was the perfect song”

Bass player Mikko Monto adds:
“As for the chorus, the song is one of the fastest played on the upcoming album, with the slower interludes bringing a nice moody lift to the song. 
Symbolically and metaphorically, the lighthouses stand in their lofty solitude and soar towards the sky, taking on the storms of the seas and leading 
travellers safely to their destination. This time, however, the listener is left to ponder the darknesses of the story.”

Vocalist Niko Kalinainen sums:

“Lighthouses usually provide shelter for sailors and guide them past the reefs, this lighthouse is something quite different. It lures its prey towards its inevitable end, like a flame to a moth. This monument of death swallows up all light in its path and steers towards destruction – let those who can still be saved!”

LISTEN on streaming services: 

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Niko Kalinainen – vocals
Kimmo Perälehto – guitars
Jyrki Karhu – guitars
Mikko Monto – bass
Tommy Uhtio – drums


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