URDEMALES releases self-titled album


Power metal with Chilean roots

Urdemales” is the title of the recently released debut album by Chileans of the same name. A compendium of power metal songs with deep Chilean folklore roots, where rural stories intermingle with a fantasy world in around 45 minutes of original music.

The self-titled album was recorded in the city of Melipilla, on the outskirts of Santiago, together with engineer Cristian Rodríguez from Estudios 15HZ. “The recording was made in the countryside; This allowed us to have a relaxed atmosphere by being in contact with nature. We have long wanted to record this album because of the friendship that unites us and because of the love we have for Power Metal, a genre that we have cultivated for at least 20 years,” says the band.

Urdemales Cover231024

The tracklist of “Urdemales” is as follows:

1. Sendero

2. Inmortal

3. Karol Zakrzewicz (Diktatorz Porkizenmz)

4. Libertad

5. Porfiados Soñadores

6. Selk Machina

7. Al Encuentro de…

8. Urdemales

9. Merlín

Urdemales is composed of Francisco Pardo on guitar and second voice, D-Buster on guitar, Fernat Molinet on drums, Antonio Valenzuela on keyboard and Diego Godoy on vocals.

Learn more about Urdemales on their social networks: @Urdemales.Oficial (Instagram), @UrdemalesOficial (Youtube), Spotify and all digital platforms.

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