COVENTHRALL has released the final song of the space opera album – The great adventure ends in a bittersweet victory

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Picture: Mario Lopez, Layout: Toni Bite

“Victory” is the fourth single and the last song of Coventhrall‘s upcoming space opera album Legacy of Morfuidra. The song is almost six minutes long epic and versatile opus which is divided into two parts. The mood is melancholic in the first half of the song when the lead vocalist Sami Ilvonen expresses the wistful atmosphere after the battle. The latter half gives the song and the whole album the finish line it deserves when it’s time to celebrate the victory achieved.

The creator of the story and the vocalist Sami “Texas” Ilvonen describes the feelings of the song:

“The battle has been won and the Scavens have been evicted back into space, but the losses are considerable and many good friends have fallen. The feelings are contradictory like always in wars and battles. On the other hand, we are happy about the victory and the freedom of Morfuidra, but the memory of the fallen will be mourned for a long time.”

There are a several featuring artists in the song like Tuomas NieminenTanja Kemppainen and Aleksi Parviainen along with keyboard solo by Risto Kupiainen. The song and the whole album ends with an impressive choir part by Petteri LehikoinenJuhani MuhonenMikko P. MustonenLeeni-Maria Hovila and Johanna Lesonen.

Composer Jukka Hoffrén tells about the song:

“The basics of the song had been composed sometime in the late nineties, but was archived deep into the desk drawer just waiting for the right use. One can hear the influence of King Diamond and Judas Priest in vocal melodies and harmonies. The idea of the last choir part came out in the studio when we discussed the solution how we would get the sound of Morfuidra’s people to be heard in the praise to the Avatar, the Emperor and the other warriors.”

Listen to the single on music services:

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