DIAMETRAL releases video for ‘Hell In Me’


First single from their new album

Diametral, a metal band from Santiago de Chile, has just released the video clip for the single ‘Hell In Me’, first sample from their next studio work titled “The Roots of Modern Sins”, an audiovisual production that, in order to capture the essence and message of the song, incorporates extracts from the short films “¿Qué es la ansiedad?” and “Los Pensamientos de los Abuelos”, by Guatemalan film director, Tavo Salazar.

Our new album explores the capital sins from a contemporary perspective. The lyrics of are inspired by situations and everyday realities that reflect the vices inherent to current society, especially in the context of virtuality and social networks”, comments Osvaldo López, singer of the group. “’Hell In Me’ addresses the sin of anger, but in a different way, because it does not focus on violence directed towards others, but rather on the sense of anger and internal frustration experienced by people facing a crisis of panic or depression”, he concludes.

Diametral Cover231026

A new step forward for the quintet formed by Osvaldo López on vocals, Claudio Cárcamo on guitar, Miguel Torres on drums, Eduardo Torres on guitar and Emilio Ojeda on bass, a group that will close 2023 with important shows with americans Carnifex and brazilians Krisiun.

Learn more about Diametral through its social networks: Facebook (@diametral), Instagram (@diametral_band) and YouTube (@diametralchile2817).

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