HATEFULMURDER offer modern brazilian metal With “Call Out Your Soul”


The band Hatefulmurder has been increasingly making a name for itself on the national metal scene with very successful releases praised by the specialized media, as well as thousands of streams on digital platforms. After the troubled time of the pandemic, and the last album ‘Reborn’ released in 2019, the band returns with new power to promote the new studio album.

The new single “Call Out Your Soul” arrives this Friday on digital platforms and has a powerful music video. The new track brings elements of Death Metal, with a contrast between old school and contemporary with powerful rhymes where we can hear Angélica Burns’ dynamic range in all its glory.

About the single, the band says:

“’Call Out Your Soul’ ended up being a consensus among the band and we believe it to be one of the strongest songs on this new album. It mixes heavy parts with more ambient passages, bringing a little of all the elements of the essence of the new album. Our influences range from death metal, thrash metal and modern metal. Each member of the band enjoys a little more of each style and ends up taking a little of their influences into the compositions.”

These new singles are the first to show the band’s new phase in full collaboration and demonstrate that, although it is a sound with a lot of oldschool influence, it also carries the energy of modern metal with a lot of potential.

Angélica Burns, Thomás Martin and Renan Campos designed the new singles, while mixing and mastering are by Celo Oliveira.

Watch to the new vido  AQUI!

Listen the single “Call Out Your Soul” AQUI!

Formed in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Hatefulmurder has a great baggage, where they are more than 10 years on the road, which includes the release of three studio albums and two EPs, in addition to two South American tours and four Brazilian tours. The band is composed by Angélica Burns (vocals), Renan Campos (guitar), Felipe Modesto (bass) and Thomás Martin (drums).

Critically acclaimed, ‘Reborn’ (2019), is the most recent album released, completely independently, was financed by the fans themselves through a crowdfunding campaign. A cohesive, strong and daring album, which marks another great moment in the band’s career. Made by fans for fans.

The tour for the album ‘Red Eyes’ (2017) – released by the British label Secret Service Records-, is one of the biggest independent tours in the history of Brazilian metal. Traveled more than 13,000 km by bus with 24 shows in 30 days passing through all regions of Brazil. This album also marks the entry of vocalist Angélica Burns, with her voice that has become the band’s newest weapon, showing all her power in songs and live performances.

Back to the ‘No Peace’ era (2014), debut album released by the renowned Brazilian label Cogumelo Records, Hatefulmurder conquered Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile making their first tour outside Brazil with “fury in the stage and blood in the eyes”, as they like to call it.

In January 2023 the band released the single “Psywar”, along with an amazing music video. In July the band released the track “Eye For An Eye”, with a lyric video to promote the work. The two singles are part of the new album that will be released in the second half of this year.

From underground to big stages, from EPs to LPs, from independents to record labels, step by step Hatefulmurder builds its history.

Hatefulmurder Cover231030

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Canil Records

Recording: Family Mob and Kolera Studio

Mixing: Celo Oliveira

Mastering: Celo Oliveira

Music: Renan Campos and Thomás Martin

Lyrics: Angelica Burns

Video: Luke Machado e Igor Tinoco

Photography: Joao Vitor
Angelica Burns (Vocals)
Renan Campos (Guitar)
Felipe Modesto (bass)
Thomas Martin (Drums)


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