LOCKED IN A VACANCY Unleashes New Single “…of Church and State”

Locked In A Vacancy Cover231104
Cover Art for “Burden Of Being” by Andrew Meltzer

New York City’s reigning metalcore monarchs, Locked In A Vacancy, have erupted back onto the scene, dropping their latest track, “…of Church and State,” a powerhouse single that captures the raw intensity and unrelenting energy the band is renowned for. In a thrilling partnership with Ghost Cult Magazine, fans were treated to an exclusive premiere yesterday, one day prior to the official release, igniting anticipation and setting the tone for the band’s audacious return.

The new single is a relentless assault on the senses, weaving intricate guitar work with bone-crushing breakdowns, and topped with a vocal performance that is both ferocious and haunting. The artwork, masterfully crafted by Andrew Meltzer, encapsulates the dark and gripping essence of the track, serving as a visual feast for fans. For those eager to dive deeper, the song is available here.

In the lead-up to this latest release, Locked in a Vacancy has been bathing in the spotlight of numerous press features. From a gritty video exclusive on No Echo to a feature interview with Breathing The Core, the band has been making waves and capturing hearts. Their relentless spirit and commitment to the craft were highlighted by their single premiere earlier in the month with Lambgoat, effectively ending the band’s 17-year hiatus with an exclusive placement on the same site that has emerged to become a sign post for the metalcore community. 

Recent Press
Recently, Locked In A Vacancy has been tearing through the metalcore scene, marking a thunderous comeback that’s impossible to ignore. 

No Echo (Video Exclusive)
The group’s latest offering, a striking lyric video for “Burden of Being,” was featured on No Echo. The visual accompaniment added an extra layer of intensity to their already powerful music, solidifying their return to the metalcore scene.

Breathing The Core (Feature Interview) 
Delving deep into the heart of their musical journey, Locked in a Vacancy shared their stories and inspirations in a “Behind The Tracks” feature with Breathing The Core on October 14th. This exclusive insight revealed the raw energy and passion that fuels their songs.

V13 Media (Feature News) 
V13 Media spotlighted the Brooklyn group’s rise and relentless drive in the metalcore realm. This feature added an extra spark to the growing excitement surrounding the band, further establishing their reputation and expanding their fanbase.

Lambgoat (Single Premiere)
Locked in a Vacancy kicked off an electrifying month with the release of their latest single, premiered exclusively on Lambgoat on October 2nd, 2023. This explosive debut not only showcased their raw musical prowess but also resonated with fans, old and new, confirming their status as a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

This rash of coverage is a testament to Locked In A Vacancy’s reignited fury and the metal world’s hunger for their sound.

In the charged currents of their latest offering, “…of Church and State,” Locked in a Vacancy delivers more than just a blistering track; it’s a searing commentary wrapped in the visceral energy of metalcore ferocity. With an unflinching gaze, the song confronts a disturbing narrative woven into the fabric of contemporary American politics—the insidious blend of governance and religious doctrine.

This is no mere diatribe against faith or creed; it’s a scathing indictment of the political opportunists who have contorted the principle of church-state separation to suit a shadowy tapestry of agendas. Beneath the cloak of sanctimony, the group bellows, lies a troika of societal ills—misogyny, racism, and homophobia—each called out from the shadows by the band’s defiant roar.

As the band tears through the track with precision and passion, they channel the angst and disillusionment felt by many. With this song, Locked in a Vacancy isn’t just playing notes and rhythms; they are stoking the fires of resistance, urging listeners to awaken and acknowledge the dissonance between the foundational ideals of a nation and the reality of its execution. It’s a message that resonates with harrowing urgency, as crucial and cutting as the riffs that drive it home.

“This is not an anti-religion song or anti-Christianity song, but a rallying cry against politicians who invoke those systems as a means to advance their personal agendas – typically rooted in their own biases of misogyny, racism, and homophobia.”

-Dyami Bryant, Vocalist & Lyricist, Locked In A Vacancy

All the fervent intensity and pointed social critique channeled into “…of Church and State” is just a prelude to the grand crescendo that Locked in a Vacancy has orchestrated. This raw and gripping single sets the stage for the much-anticipated release of their upcoming EP. Crafted meticulously at the renowned Landmine Studios in Ewing, New Jersey, “…Before the Dawn” will grace the scene on December 1st, courtesy of Fuzz Therapy Records. The EP promises to be a crucible of the band’s profound energies and sharp insights, a culmination of their hard-hitting messages and sonic mastery.

This upcoming collection is not just a series of tracks but a comprehensive narrative that embarks just as dawn fractures the night’s hold. It’s a metaphorical dawn that signals not only a new chapter for the band but a call to awareness and action for their listeners. Each song in the EP is meticulously crafted to form a journey through the dark, introspective night that precedes the light of dawn—a light that could potentially usher in a renewed vision or reveal uncomfortable truths.

The anticipation for “…Before The Dawn” builds as each release, each lyric, and each note pulls the band’s fans closer to the heart of their artistic tempest. Locked in a Vacancy is not merely releasing an EP; they are setting forth a manifesto of resurgence, both for themselves and for the community that rallies around their music. As the release date draws near, the energy around their new music intensifies, promising to deliver an explosive, reflective, and unapologetically raw listening experience.

Locked In A Vacancy231104
Live photo by Victor Kamalov

About Locked In A Vacancy

Emerging from New York’s underground in the late ’90s, Locked in a Vacancy was more than just another metalcore band—they were a tempest. Their performances were sonic earthquakes, shared with an exhaustive list of seminal bands including ConvergeA Life Once LostLamb of God, and Every Time I Die. If you’ve ever thrown down to these names, ignoring Locked in a Vacancy is a glaring lapse in your musical vocabulary.

A pause came in 2007, as members diverged into other projects. Any glimmer of a 2012 reunion vanished with the tragic loss of drummer Rick Cimato. Their discography became an archival whisper, a potent but paused narrative. Now, after years, they’re back—not to rehash the past, but to stake a new claim. Their latest EP, …Before the Dawn, isn’t a soft return; it’s an incendiary declaration that forces you to pay attention. This isn’t nostalgia—it’s a reckoning.

Their return isn’t about recapturing yesterday but about breaking today’s silence, filling a void that’s been keenly felt but never filled. Forget retrospectives; you’ll find Locked in a Vacancy in the spaces that defy easy labels.

For those who find solace in the brutal honesty of metalcore, and have longed for the return of a sound that shakes you to your foundation, your wait is over. If you’ve ever questioned, ever raged, ever yearned for something more, then look no further—Locked in a Vacancy is more than a band; they’re a call to arms. Your time to hesitate is through. Join the ranks and become part of a movement that refuses to be ignored.

This is not a reunion, but a renewal—a gut punch that refuses to ask for your attention and instead demands it. Brace yourself. They’re back.

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