MASSIVE SCAR ERA Eclectic Egyptian Orchestral Metal EP “Metal Goes Egyptian” Is Out Now!

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Through their seventh offering, “Metal Goes Egyptian”, Canada’s Massive Scar Era invites heavy music enthusiasts worldwide to feel the intensity and energy of metal while being embraced by the melodic beauty and cultural nuances of traditional Egyptian Arabic music. This groundbreaking EP is an opportunity for open-minded listeners to embark on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and creates a unique fusion of genres. Visionary, band leader, vocalist, and guitarist Cherine Amr shares her excitement for the release:

“It has been an incredible journey, collaborating with an exceptional team of musicians, producers, and video creators. Together, we have crafted a musical experience that merges the power of metal with the enchantment of Arabic music. From the remarkable orchestral arrangements by Weka Soliman to the dedication of the sound production team led by Etienne Tremblay, every individual involved has contributed their talent and passion, ensuring a seamless and extraordinary outcome.”

“Metal Goes Egyptian” is a six-track EP, that crosses musical boundaries, taking melodies and instrumentals from Arabic music and contrasting it with the grittiness of post-grunge and eclecticness of progressive metal. With the addition of an orchestral, it exudes courage, passion, and complexity.

The formation of Massive Scar Era stemmed from Amr’s desire to delve into songwriting within a complete band framework. Over the years it has been changing with her immigration from Egypt to Canada and further relocation. She chose to view this as an opportunity to engage in collaborations with diverse arrangers and songwriters in every release, who have all contributed to the wide array of elements found throughout the music.

“Metal Goes Egyptian” is very distinct and will be particularly appealing to those who appreciate a diverse range of folkloric influences as well as Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir, and Septic Flesh.

The EP is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music at the following link:

“Oblivious” (music video) –

“Between Waves” (music video) –

“Back to the Sun” (music video) –

Massive Scar Era Cover231104

Track Listing:
1. Between Waves – 3:22
2. 30 Years – 4:43
3. Oblivious – 3:46
4. Back to the Sun – 3:41
5. Color Blind – 3:14
6. Endorphins – 2:37
EP Length: 21:26

All songs performed by: Violins: Kristin Molnar, Zoé Dumais, and Rasha Masalkhi
Viola: Omar Abou Afach
Oud: Mohamed Masmoudi
Qanun: Nizar Tabcharani
Percussions: Phyras Haddad, and Bertil Schulrabe
Drums: Julia Geaman
Bass: Etienne Tremblay
Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar: Cherine Amr
Arabic Music Arranger: Weka Soliman
Music Copyist: Hugo Mayrand
Sound Technicians: Jacob Lacroix-Cardinal, and Nicolas Pétrowski
Music Producer, mix and master: Etienne Tremblay (La Machine à Mixer)
Recorded by Nicolas Pétrowski and Etienne Tremblay (La Machine à Mixer) at Studio Mixart, Montreal, QC,
• All songs written by: Cherine Amr
• Produced by: Etienne Tremblay
• Mixed by: Etienne Tremblay
• Mastered by: Etienne Tremblay
• Album Artwork by: Biggg Rock Films

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