ZKARV Unveils ‘Treebound’ – A Sonic Odyssey Through Darkened Realms


Brisbane’s enigmatic one-man band Zkarv has marked this Halloween with the release of ‘Treebound‘, a new album that delves deep into the shadows of atmospheric black metal and darkwave. Zkarv, known for a sound that transcends boundaries, brings a rich tapestry of black metal, ambience, noise, and synth, a signature since its inception in 2020.

Treebound‘ is a step further into the abyss, showcasing Zkarv‘s most mature and expansive work to date. The album, available for free at Zkarv’s Bandcamp, is described as a conceptual journey through cursed woods and the essence of death itself, featuring monotonous, atmospheric songs that tell a haunting narrative within a more extended runtime.

The release is significant as it is the inaugural launch from ‘Dead Witch Records’, with CDs soon to be distributed through Bandcamp and select record stores in Brisbane.

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