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Explanatory dictionary; 1992 Edition; page 347: Mutilation Case: Horrifying Dadaist death metal band, whose songs bring the darkest murders of the Carpathian Basin to life, interspersed with unexpected melodic runs. Lunatics, psychopaths, HM-2 and saxophone!

The stinking crypt of the Dadaist death metal band Mutilation Case hides two corpses. Jim Jones (Purulent Rites, Phoschydeux, Veér, Kolp) was behind the microphone, N. (Rém) was responsible for the instrumental parts, while István Kisiván, Bence Rózsavölgyi (Ghost Toast) and Balázs Tóth (Caketgarden) performed the Dadaist guitar solos. The songs on the album bring to life the darkest period of the twentieth century, burdened by wars and poverty. Each song brings to life the story of a crazy psychopaths in Hungary from the beginning of the 1900s to the first period of the regime change.

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The album, was released by Mythrone Promotion, Defense Records and Metal Ör Die on CD and on limited CD box. The cassette version is also released under the auspices of Fekete Terror in two versions, slipcase and wooden version.

Mutilation Case231105

Defense Records

Metal Ör Die Records

Mythrone Promotion

Fekete Terror Productions

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