MIRUTHAN – Released Lyric Video For Single ‘Land Of The Damned’


Miruthan is not just a band, but a haunting apocalyptic tale of survival and villainy. The masked and cloaked members are rumoured to be survivors of a dark and hostile future, plagued with menace and threats. With a focus on black metal and death metal, their music is an extension of the dark story surrounding them.

Season 1, Episode 1 of the Miruthan lore is Land Of The Damned.

The song serves as the opening episode of the mythology surrounding Miruthan and carries you into an apocalyptic world full of peril, including everyone’s favourite apocalyptic entity – zombies.

Land Of The Damned narrates the tale of how the members of Miruthan navigate their treacherous landscape, boldly taking over camps and valiantly reclaiming territory in their quest for survival.

The visual accompaniment for Land Of The Damned is a lyric video; Lyrically, the song depicts the determination and resourcefulness of the Miruthan clan, painting a picture for the listener as to how they strategize and gather the necessary provisions to sustain themselves in this hostile environment.

Land Of The Damned introduces us to the exciting musical adventure that Miruthan are preparing to unfold, showcasing the band’s unique story-telling abilities and the proficiency to create a captivating atmosphere that’s sure to draw in anyone who loves metal infused with fantasy.

Watch Land Of The Damned on YouTube.

For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth and Ghost, Miruthan are guaranteed to lure you into their dynamic and mesmerizing environment.

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