HELGA release animation for melancholic new track ‘Alive Again’

A vast exploration of sonic textures present themselves on HELGA‘s premier album ‘Wrapped in Mist’, as chugging riffs, spectral strings and imposing drums converge into one.

“Alive Again”, the album’s poignant third single, serves as a haunting and introspective exploration of the tribulations associated with mental health. Here, delicate guitar riffs interlace with austere percussive arrangements, creating a hauntingly evocative backdrop for Helga Gabriel’s chilling vocals to take center stage.

“I’ve had my fair share of battles with mental health over the years.” Says vocalist Helga Gabriel. “It’s in those moments that I need music the most.”

The creation of “Alive Again” bears testament to Helga’s personal struggle during a profoundly dark period of her life. This track serves as a cathartic vessel, providing her with the emotional outlet to convey the profound emotions that characterized this challenging chapter.

A visually striking and emotionally resonant animated music video, masterfully crafted by Yevheniia Vynokurova (@magistrmagii), accompanies this track. The video eloquently encapsulates the lyrical depth of ‘Alive Again,’ offering an intimate and introspective portrayal that strikes a chord with viewers on a deeply personal level.

Watch the video for ‘Alive Again’.

‘Wrapped in Mist’ comes out 24 November.


HELGA – “Alive Again” (Official Music Video) 2023
Helga Cover231110

1. Skogen mumlar (4:23) [WATCH]
2. Burden (4:57) [WATCH]
3. Water (3:55)
4. If Death Comes Now (3:58)
5. Farväl (4:34)
6. Alive Again (3:35)
7. Vast and Wild (4:04)
8. Som en trumma (4:26)
9. Mountain Song (5:34)
10. Wrapped in Mist (6:41)

Total runtime: 44:07

Style: Haunted Ethereal Progressive Metal
FFO: Opeth, Anna Von Hasswolff, Alcest, The Gathering, Mt. Zion, Myrkur, King Crimson

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