Dark Essence Records To Release Original Demo From Norwegian Black Metallers TILINTETGJORT


When a label adds an artist to its roster there could be any number of reasons why that particular artist was chosen – from a known history, to a newly recorded album, to a live appearance, etc.  In the case of Norwegian Black Metallers TILINTETGJORT, Dark Essence Records interest in the band was piqued by their 2022 demo “Kvikksølvdrømmer – Demo 1”.

Finding that TILINTETGJORT fitted in perfectly with Dark Essence Records musical ethos, and purely on the strength of that demo, the band was welcomed on board that same year, even before they had begun recording  their debut full-length album, which would emerge in early 2023 as “In Death I Shall Arise”.

Now, with 2023 drawing to a close, Dark Essence Records will release that very same demo in Digital format on the 10th November, and tracklisting for “Kvikksølvdrømmer – Demo 1”, is as follows:

1. Vinter Og Høst
2. The Wanderer
3. Slakt
4. Blackened Earth
5. Kvikksølvdrømmer
6. Realms at War

Kvikksølvdrømmer – Demo 1” is now available for download or streaming at a number of services at

Tilintetgjort Cover231111

One of the most exciting bands to have recently hit Oslo’s Black Metal scene, TILINTETGJORT
blur the line between insanity and reality with nightmarish visions that are filled with arcane mysteries and alchemical madness.

Fiercely passionate about what they do, TILINTETGJORT’s lineup of Gamle and Hazzlegard on guitars, Sturt on bass, Tybalt on drums and Svik on vocals, have, since the band’s inception in 2020, honed their skills, formulating their own brand of Avant-garde Black Metal that finds its inspiration in ’70’s Prog, and various other experimental genres, along with ’90’s Black Metal.

With more than their fair share of creativity TILINTETGJORT‘s avowed intent is to break down the walls of a genre that is largely stagnating, embarking on a journey to seek out the truth in a widely delusional world, whilst offering to lead the listeners through the mysteries of knowledge and death. 
TILINTETGJORT‘s have been confirmed to appear at Inferno Metal Festival, Oslo, Norway in March 2024, and more information about the band can be found Facebook at  or website at

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