Tokyo’s Powerviolence NEGATIVE SUN, Drop Intense Debut Demo

Negative Sun231111

Tokyo downtown terrorizer, Negative Sun‘s debut Demo combines the raw taste of Grindcore, Powerviolence primal rage, and vicious Hardcore-Punk assault, creating a harsh, rough, and nasty sound! Shouting and criticism of the Japanese police states, gritty political landscape, and social disillusionment, Negative Sun set 3 serious powerful, fast, and no-mercy tracks, including 1 Lightning Bolt cover. This Demo reflects the never-ending wild and chaotic generation year by year. It is simply a brutal, aggressive, and, killer Demo to catch this year!

Created with uncompromising passion and a resolute DIY ethos, Demo 23′ was crafted in-house by Takagi Pugnus Emura and Sei Mizusawa. Negative Sun drummer DMK is also part of a Hardcore band called Tear Da Club Up and Bassis Takaki in Belmadigula. The album’s visual identity is equally arresting a stark x-ray of a nailed statue of Christ created by Chifu, symbolic of Demo ‘23’s raw intensity and message. The debut Demo will be released on a cassette for the first time with Gerpfast Records in November 2023.

Artist: Negative Sun
Album: Demo ’23
Country: Tokyo, Japan.
Release Date: Dec 30, 2023
Pre-Order Date: November 6, 2023
Released on: Smoke-Brown Cassette.
Label: Gerpfast Records.


  1. G.I.M.P
  2. TV Dinner
  3. Dracula Mountain (Lightning Bolt cover)

Worldwide cassette pre-order and album sampler:

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Negative Sun ‘Demo ’23’ PV:

Live Performance video:


Tracking by Sei Mizusawa and Takaki Pugnus Emura
Mixing and mastering for track 1&2 by Sei Mizusawa
Mixing and mastering for track 3 by Takaki Pugnus Emura
Artwork by Chifu
Cassette release by Gerpfast Records, 2023

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