WRATH OF LOGARIUS Rise Above the Ashes on New Single

On Halloween, Wrath of Logarius gave metalheads a taste of Formless Black Metal. Today, the skeletal Northern California trio are releasing the second single off their upcoming EP. And while just as fiery as the first, “Soul Ascension” starts out as more of a slow burn before bursting into flames.

Listen to “Soul Ascension”:

‘Necrotic Assimilation” will be available as a digital download starting December 8.


Wrath of Logarius writhe between different gradients of metal, from black and brutal to melodic post-metal. “Soul Ascension” shudders awake with an eerie, guitar melody that drips like candles around a coffin. But the pace quickens under the clip of Lord Marco’s hi-hat as Noctifier prepares to meet his maker. “Surrounded by darkness, for you are death” he screams, engulfed by blast beats that rage with all the horrifying speed of a forest fire.

“For us, Soul Ascension is cold, dark and vicious”, says Wrath of Logarius. “It’s more or less about becoming aware of the complete annihilation transpiring around you. Realizing you cannot avoid the inevitable as you are slowly consumed by the bestial darkness. Ultimately, we want the listener to come up with their own interpretation. It will have a different meaning to each listener, and thats what we want”

Wrath Of Logarius Cover231101

1. At the nighted throne (1:47)
2. Swarm (3:37)
3. The burning one (4:04) [WATCH]
4. I, the void dweller (1:19)
5. Soul ascension (4:13) [LISTEN]
6. Beyond the last gate (4:26)
Total runtime: 19:44

Style: Formless Black Metal
RIFYL:Gaerea, 1349, Helfró,  Dark Funeral, Marduk

Wrath Of Logarius231101

Formed in 2021 amidst the mist-shrouded forests of Northern California, Wrath of Logarius emerged as a formidable force in the world of extreme music. This black metal trio, consisting of Noctifer, Urath, and Vastator, set out to forge a new path with their unique genre known as Formless Black Metal.

Wrath of Logarius’ creative spark ignited as they embarked on their journey to create something different in black metal. Drawing inspiration from brutal blackened death and melodic post-black metal, the skeletal trio emerged with a new subgenre. ‘Necrotic Assimilation’ introduces pure Formless Black Metal, where the styles change within each song.  

Recording lineup
Noctifer (Vocals)
Urath (Lead Guitars)
Vastator (Guitars)
Lord Marco (Drums)
Andrew Hernandez (Bass)

Special guests
Kakophonix plays cello on “At the nighted throne”

Recording studio: Rapture Recordings

Sound engineer: Cody Fuentes

Produced, mixed and mastered: Cody Fuentes

Cover art: Sant V. Schreiber

Logo: Tri Waluya

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