AUREOLE announce new album and release first single

US ambient black metal project AUREOLE reveal the visualizer Alunarian Ghosts of Bellmaster‘ as the first single taken from their forthcoming third full-length “Alunarian Bellmaster“. Please find all details regarding the new album below.

Alunarian Bellmaster“is locked in for release on February 9, 2024.

The visualizer ‘Alunarian Ghosts of Bellmaster‘ is available for immediate publication via this link

Pre-sale link:

AUREOLE comment cryptically: “The first and massively over-arching chapter of ‘Alunarian Bellmaster’ depicts and expresses the revival of Bellmaster and its ghosts, to rebuild and resonate bells to cosmos untold”, mastermind Markov Soroka narrates. “Many of the motifs throughout the album are established here and continue the bellmarch chant of the Alunarian Bellmaster. Over 20 individual bells are being played on this song that I have collected over the years.”

Aureole Cover231114

1. Solariis Strike [Activation >> Alunar]
2. Alunarian Ghosts of Bellmaster
3. 10,000 Bells Resonate Cosmos Untold
4. Warpstorm [Invasion >> Alunar]
5. Arrival of Deathless Interlopers
6. Orbiting Among Alunarian Ruins
7. Beware that which Inhabits the Belltower
8. Alunarian Surrender
9. [UGC 2885 >> Spawn a Second Citadel Bell…]


For whom the bells toll in the Citadel Alunar shall encounter the Bellmaster!

The particularly sinister and insidious musical and lyrical universe that Markov “M.S.” Soroka is continuously creating with his various projects AUREOLE and TCHORNOBOG as well as ETERNIUM, KRUKH, and DROWN is enriched by a new chapter:

The third AUREOLE full-length “Alunarian Bellmaster” differs stylistically from its direct predecessor “Aurora Borealis” (2016) in atmosphere and feeling. The album returns to the spirit of the 2014 debut “Alunar” albeit as a more advanced version with the added experience regarding production techniques and conceptual writing that Soroka has acquired over the years.

Armed with a vicious sound, the album’s lyrical theme is echoed in the sound of 30 bells sampled by Markov and incorporated on “Alunarian Bellmaster”. The story told on this album is part of the same grimdark fantasy and science fiction based cosmos that AUREOLE and TCHORNOBOG share. In the words of its creator the chapter “Alunarian Bellmaster” reveals the following insight: 

“When solar flares strike the Belltower at the right moment, inhabitants of Citadel Alunar can manifest a projected self. Their creation uses the brick and iron of the Citadel as a base. These beings embody the desires of previous occupiers of Alunar and the bell becomes their life source. The Alunarian Bellmaster’s Ghost is one such self. An obsessed craft worker, the ghost is directly linked as one of the builders or maintainers of the Citadel in the long-ago times. The obsessive ringing and resonance of perfection for creating a second Alunar summoned the attention of some in its local-galactic. A never-ending empire of consumption, worshiping a never-ending god. This contact of the Deathless Interlopers led to the ultimate sacrifice of the Bellmaster, one which finally relocates the citadel belltower into a new form, far away from the relentless invaders.”

The cryptic mystery revealed in AUREOLE demands to worship the Alunarian Belltower in the infinity of cosmos. “Alunarian Bellmaster” is the most definitive Aureole release yet!

Release date: February 9, 2024
Label: Lupus Lounge 
Style: Ambient Black Metal

Markov Soroka – all instruments, composition

Guest musician
Eugnosis – synths on ‘Warpstorm’

Recording & production by Markov Soroka at Travelling Homestudio
Mastering by Eugene Nesci at Eugnosis Studios

Artwork by Markov Soroka
Layout by Łukasz Jaszak


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